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  1. Gamed ping all my life( almost) went to apex dcb this year you might like the feel they have a light graphite shaft available, if you like. the sound and haptics are great, heads are very feelable at the top. They look more compact kept the ping driver (g400)3 wood (g425)hybrids and wedges s very blended bag.
  2. Great dilemma to have ihave a mat Birdie ball 18 feet to stroke putts of 3–15 feet stimp 10-11 also bought a ex putt last November I love this thing it tells me face angle and ball speed you can change stimp from slow to fast. The ball returns to you easily and you can review snd track how your distance snd face angle progress I’ll see how this translates this season So far our greens run 8 but on opening day ran 10-11 Speed control feedback is good on this it’s not boring line the mat we bought the PRGR Goid for swing speed snd ball speed it helped me gap my new irons there the same lofts as of iron so it helped I don’t think a launch monitor on the range would help me I like to see the ball fly and I know a bad shot from experience the LM would tie me up in knots BTW I’ll jump on the ExPlanar at the pro’s shop to reinforce my swing plane it works well for me
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