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  1. I'm very similar. I actually ditched my driver. I cover the ball with my normal (non driver) swing, so switching between that and hitting up on the ball (with a driver) just ruins my swing consistency. Yes, I could practice both swings, but I am lucky to play a round a week. I too hit a solid 240/250 with my 3 wood. It's boring golf, but try playing skins with your buddies and just pound the fairway consistently. You will score better. Its just a mind wrecker to not go for the "optimal" driver shot when you know you have it in you somewhere. I think of it like laying up on a guarded par 5. You do that 10 times and you probably gain 3 strokes vs. going for it in those 10 holes. Yeah you may have had an eagle putt or two, but you also hit it in a bunker 5 of those 10 times. Same concept on your tee shot. For sprayers, every tee shot is "guarded," and off the planet is always a possibility. Also, if you can hit 240+ with that 3 wood, your approach game from those drives should still be very reasonable. Your 2nd shot is an easier club to hit than the guy who hits his driver 240. Bottom line, take it out of your bag for a couple rounds and see if you enjoy the game more. See if you score well.
  2. Exactly what I'm hoping for. Thanks for the feedback.
  3. Appreciate all the comments. I agree that I'm likely not likely pushing scratch ever without a solid driver. For most golfers, a driver is an obvious choice. My game is not "normal." I have such a drastically wide variance between a good round and a bad round. I'm talking 15 to 20 shots between the rounds that count in my handicap and the rounds that don't. By the time the driver head cover gets put back on for the day, the round is already screwed. I'm trying to have fun and play to a better standard more consistently. No one has fun playing golf when they lose a ball or hit a punch out on every other hole. I think the fastest way to single digit handicap and consistent fun golf for me is getting off the tee consistently. I think ~270 drive (total) with >50% fairways and ~0.5 lost balls a round is probably somewhere around the average of your typical single digit handicappers. I've played with a fair bit of single digit guys and some of them are long, but most of them are just consistent. I just want to stay engaged in my rounds. If I hit a few bad drives, it's a quick way to not have fun and lose focus. Anyway, I'm trying it. I'll report back with the results.
  4. I have considered trying to match a wood swing weight and length with a driver, but that seems to be a lot more complicated than grabbing a strong 3 wood in terms of customizing the equipment. I tend to be way more consistent hitting neutral or down on the ball I'm the center of my stance rather than a traditional driver swing where I'm hitting up on it. Seems there's a lot more that can go wrong in a driver swing. I tend to be out there around 250 to 260 with my 3 wood including roll and I'm hoping for 270 to 280 consistently with the bullet 3 wood. Even on a great driving day, I'm rarely cresting 300 with the driver and it's rare to make it through a round without multiple lost balls. Everyone is loving the Bryson style right now, but they don't realize that tour players have spotters and we don't. Also, I'm rarely playing over 6500 yard tees. 270 to 280 is a bomb all day for a 15 handicapper. I'm not trying for my tour card.
  5. Has anyone truly replaced their driver with a strong 3 wood? I heard that many pros have gone through stints of using a 3+ wood or a 2 wood in place of their driver. This sparked some pretty massive interest from me. I hit my woods so much more consistently than my driver. The heavier swing weight and shorter shaft just leave me less room for error. I also struggle with changing my swing from shot to shot. I'll have a few days where I'm striking my driver well, but they don't seem to marry up with the days where the rest of my game is clicking. Lately I've been teeing my current 3 wood pretty exclusively. It's a M4 high loft 16.5° w/ stiff Atmos. I'm really only giving up 20 to 30 yards between that and my 9.5° M4 driver. A miss with the wood tends to be still in play and is less common. A miss with the driver tends to be more common and often leads to lost balls. I ordered a strong 3 wood 13° pro model with HZRDUS smoke black from sub 70. I'm hoping to completely replace my driver with this one. Anyone out there gaming a similar setup? How does it work for you? I'll report back on my findings after I game it for a while.
  6. I'd like to throw in my recent and previous experiences. I've been gaming the set of 699 pros for a few months now. I love them. They are definitely in the "power bat" variety of irons. They come out hot and high and won't spin a ton. Any iron like this will definitely net you some massive fliers from the rough, so you need to learn how they react and actually club down occasionally in thicker rough. I can't see doing better for the money. I originally got the 4-AW but removed the AW and replaced it. The shape and type of iron wasn't working well for me in a 50 degree. I gave it to a buddy and it's now his favorite club for what that's worth. I just received the 004 putter. I was previously gaming the MGS favorite Tommy Armour Impact original and was looking for a nicer version of that putter. That's exactly how I'd describe the 004. The TA seemed to perform pretty well for me, but it was lacking the higher end feel. The 004 is wonderful. It came with 4 sets of weights, an adjustment tool, and a nice and unique looking head cover (Velcro unfortunately). With my 30 or so living room putts, I can tell I will love it. It was a bit of a leap of faith, though. It's really hard to even find an accurate image of what their putters will look like. The stock photos from the website aren't great. I wasn't really sure what I was even getting. Of course, like most experiences with Sub 70, they beat your expectations by a mile. I simultaneously hate that I can't find information and love that I discovered a hidden gem. It sounds like they are doing incredibly well with their minimal marketing and I totally respect that, but I wish there were some actual images next to a golf ball to look at. My next leap of faith is the pro 13 degree 3 wood that will (hopefully) replace my driver altogether. I already tee my 16.5 degree TM m4 HL 3 wood on nearly every hole. I'm hoping to hit some absolute bullets with this one. The deals they have are just insane. The shaft they offer would literally cost $75+ and I paid $154 for an entire new wood. I was looking at used 3+ woods on ebay for more and thought why not go with Sub 70 again? Unfortunately, their incredible reputation and growing popularity means we all don't get that short turnaround time anymore. I'm expecting to wait 3+ weeks for this club. I'm also expecting to absolutely love it.
  7. I'll second what others have said. Loft it up. Us mere mortals weren't meant to be hitting 15° and below woods off the grass. I have a decent swing speed, but I still much prefer the consistency of hitting a wood more in the middle of your stance and hitting down or neutral on it. You tend to make way better and more consistent contact. I'll recommend my M4HL (high loft) woods. The 3 wood is 16.5° and the 5 wood is 21°. If you hit it with a more neutral stance, you'll be way more consistent out of the grass. Alternatively, buy any 5 wood and don't carry a 3 wood.
  8. I got the Callaway mack daddy CB's and my playing partners recently have been very impressed with my wedge game. They are "game improvement" but, for me, it's way more precise when you have a forgiving bounce. You can focus more on the speed of the shot and be confident that the strike will be there. Great clubs. Highly recommend
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