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  1. I'm blessed 2 have a Skytrak and hitting bay at home -a dream I'd had for several years that came true n 2021. One thing I've realized is my distances with irons is shorter n the bay vs the course by about 5 yards. Been researching this online and every thing I've read says the opposite should be true. Curious if anyone else has the same experience and any guidance u have. Based on the research I've done, I know a lot depends on the mat ur hitting off. I'm using a FrankTec mat with 15mm grass and 15mm cushion. Under that I have foam interlocking matting you'd put on a concrete floor (I'd read of the impact 2 wrist hitting off mats on concrete and wanted 2 eliminate the danger)
  2. I spend the time to add the lines to my balls and don't use them - yes, it's stupid. When I'm playing by myself I have no issue with taking the time to align the putt and I putt better. When I'm playing with others I feel like I'm taking too much time. I just need to practice doing this so I can do it quickly enough that I don't feel hurried. As for the tee box I do the Nickalas, pick a spot in front of the ball and line up to that. I DO set my ball on the tee so that the Clemson Tiger paw is on the back inside. Like someone said before, keeps me inside out!
  3. Help me out guys/gals, where's the results?
  4. You'll get your money back in golf balls if you take lessons!
  5. I think a lot of us would take an 80 with those stats PS, there's a great course close to 95 I've played a couple times, The GC at Hilton Head Lakes.
  6. Eastern NC Course Alert!!!! There is an incredible course in Rocky Mount, NC, Belmont GC. Got to play it for the 1st time Sunday, 6/6 and returned 6/8 to get some stink out. Fairways are exceptional and greens very nice (Tifeagle Bermuda). 1st round 4 putted the 1st hole and hit my tee shot OB on #2, those 4 strokes turned a 78 into an 83 :(. Had a couple other, "1st time playing the course" mistakes that I corrected. Tuesday there is "Throwback Tuesday" where the greens fees are much lower, a senior can play for under $30!
  7. I'm a Veteran and have a Hole in One!
  8. Had a VaCa to see my granddaughter graduate from HS in Illinois. Wife didn't go so it was also a golf vacation! The local Muni is a good track, got to play 5 days straight. Kids don't get up until noon'ish so I played around 7 AM each day. Had an interesting thing happen on one of the par 5's I wanted to share. My tee shot was crap so I was laying up, just a 175-200 shot down the fairway, simple 4 Hybrid. Interestingly I hit the ball to the 150 marker (a one inch piece of PVC), not only to the marker, but the ball hit it on it's last bounce! Had to take relief least have the marker in the poop shoot :) Why does this matter, here's why; I've been listening to books on the mind game we play while playing this wonderful game. (Be a Player, Play You Best Golf Now, Golf in the Kingdom; Vision54 stuff) A lot of what the books talk about is visualization and how much better we'll play if we can get out of our own way. As soon as I hit the ball I knew it wasn't hard enough. After it bounced off the marker I quickly realized my body (subconscious) was focused on the 150 marker, not where my mind wanted the ball to go. This round was so horrible I didn't bother keeping score, but this lesson is one I don't want to forget!
  9. Playing the local mini where my daughter lives in Illinois. It's a nice track, actually has hills, unusual for this part of the country . Think they need their slope/rating revised, this is a much tougher track than the courses I play at home. Narrow fairways, thick rough, hard greens. Managed a 77 today, 80 yesterday. Can't get a birdie to fall. Fun either way.
  10. In this area for granddaughter's graduation. Playing daily early morning at Lake of the Woods GC.
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