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  1. I see. One reason I was considering the midsize is that I saw a website for the Australian distributor of OW and they were recommending the full size trainer for people at least 6’0”. Add your thoughts on the Compact trainer and it’s looking like maybe it is a good compromise for now. The seller is not really a distributor and seems like he just had maybe an extra so I doubt although I can try to ask. Thanks for the input, helps a lot.
  2. After looking around, shipping fees could really increase the cost for me. I did find a local seller who only has OW midsize available. Anyone knows if that could work for me instead of the regular sized (I’m 5’10”). I saw that the website officially lists the midsize as “for men, to work on iron swing” but I was hoping I could also use it for “driver swing”. Thanks.
  3. Thanks, it is fun and frustrating and I’m enjoying it. Thanks for the input also, that will be something to consider.
  4. Not even direct shipping to where I am, will be finding a way around. But if it helps me with my game (just 4 months playing), should be worth it. Thanks for this, it will definitely help with my decision.
  5. Thinking of having a Duo shipped all the way to Southeast Asia. Can the Lightspeed simulate as a compact for irons Trainer?
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