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  1. Haha, this one baffles me too. I don’t understand how some people hold on. I played with someone recently using old golf pride green victory grips that were so hard they were cracking off at the bottom. He wasn’t bad either.
  2. Be careful if you are ever doing this during league play or tournament, it’s against the rules to warm a golf ball: Rule 4.2a(2) Deliberately Altered Ball Must Not Be Played. A player must not make a stroke at a ball whose performance characteristics have been deliberately altered, such as by scuffing or heating the ball or by applying any substance (other than in cleaning it). I like to use a big puffy jacket that has a battery heater I just take off between shots, for what it’s worth. Less layers, easier to swing freely even when it gets down in the low 30s F for me.
  3. Thanks @BMart519 I like Mike Carrol, I think he is a good resource. I’ll have to keep this around when I get the chance to try to lift some real weights. I can do plenty of pull-ups, which is nice, but imagine I have a long way to go on the other 3.
  4. Thankfully I like tracking workouts, I used a spreadsheet for all my climbing stuff, but I’ve (embarrassingly) never done a bench press, squat, or deadlift with a barbell in my life. One day I’ll join a gym, but currently I’m at home with just a few rubber bands and some light dumbbells. I do have a bike at home, but I suspect bike sprints are not as helpful as running sprints for golf.
  5. For sure. I 100% don’t believe I’m using what I have all that great, especially since Ive never been on a force plate (I really want to). I’m just assuming based on how I’ve trained in the past. My strength background is all for rock climbing, which is really just back and forearms, so I’m just hoping to find some low-hanging fruit. Got me thinking I should do an assessment though. Are there any good baselines online I could use?
  6. I have to start on that, I have no lower body power. It’s getting cold here though. I recently asked Mike Carrol (fit for golf) about programming up strength and power workouts with over speed training and he recommended stopping strength when doing speed/power can help eek out a little more speed if you are closer to your natural ceiling. Contemporaneous card strength workouts can apparently slow potential speed gains. I’m tempted to periodize them this winter and see if it helps.
  7. I hear you. This is also something that the Stack does differently than superspeed (which I did last year). I think the algorithm updates the time between reps and sets based on performance, but no matter what the numbers are, I notice than when I get a bad/no read, and swing again without waiting the full time (20 sec-ish ?) I am a few mph slower. I think I’ve been around 2.5-3 minutes between sets lately. speed is so fickle though, and I’ve gotten unnecessarily disappointed in myself in the moment, only to find I’ve actually made real progress in retrospect.
  8. I find that I need way more warming up than I thought I would (and I’m only 34). Somewhere in the Stack app, they say that you should make some full effort swings after you get warm with the radar to make sure you’re at/near your max before staring the workout. When you’re not there yet, it’s sometimes just a sign that you’re still cold. Some days when I’m in my chair all day, it can take almost 30 minutes to get loose. Other days I’m just slow, but that’s different.
  9. I saw @GolfSpy MPR got a formula from Sasho that gives credit for the starting speed. I’m curious how much it would affect the rankings. I like the extra motivation no matter what the rules are. Sasho’s formula: 0.4(starting speed) + 5(speed increase) = speed improvement score
  10. That sounds good, a few 15th of the month check-ins? Today I was 3 mph slower after my stack workout. I’m already angling for the biggest loser award, haha.
  11. Didn’t Freddy Couples use an L-flex 3 wood and driver for a while…that he stole them from Tom Watson no less? You’re in good company @Golfspy_TCB and @Berg Ryman (for the speed part, not the stealing thing, lol) Found it
  12. Yes, it’s a dry swing with my driver on the old PRGR radar. I just looked in the app to make sure and it’s actually an average of 10 swings on October 15, the max single rep in that set was 122, but I don’t trust it.
  13. Very cool. I just did a baseline two weeks ago, does that count? I’m hoping to finally get over 120 by the time spring rolls around. Started getting better about adding in some strength/power so hopefully this is the time.
  14. I’d give myself a 2. I struggle to aim the face at the target, but I also stopped practicing it. What looks lined up to me is often way right (I think) but I pretend it’s good. Recently, I’ve putted better looking at the hole and being more instinctual.
  15. I just found this article from 1997… https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1997-02-20-9702200103-story.html
  16. Do it! I went from 115 to 119 after my first foundations. My gains are slower now, but it now takes me much less effort to get to 120 than it did in August, which is a big motivator that doesn’t show up in the data.
  17. M/W/F has worked pretty well for me, but I’ve found over time that on days when I do a workout right after I tend to need more than one day between to keep up. Now I try to be more flexible going back and forth between 1 day off and 2 days off. I’m sure you’ll be seeing some progress. I figure if the pro’s keep getting faster, so can we. I think I’ve learned more about what creates speed doing the stack because of the bigger weight differences.
  18. Nothing fancy, I just sent an email to the general inbox and Sasho responded. I used info@thestacksystem.com. I was honestly surprised that he is the one who took the message, but I think they have a triage because a different person responded when I needed to replace some hardware.
  19. I just finished my third program and since I haven’t seen anyone do the Heavy Hitter yet, I figured I could be patient 0. I chose HH even though it was third on the list because the results after the Full Speed Spectrum revealed my embarrassing inability to swing anything over 200g. Granted, It’s probably no wonder because I’m a child size person that weighs maybe 125 lbs. Anyway, Sasho told me it was worth it to try HH to add force, and here I am. As you might expect, the meat of the program involved swinging 220-255g and then finishing with 195. In the 4th phase, it added lighter weights back in. Overall, I left feeling like I moved everything faster, and while I didn’t gain driver speed on the retest I hit 120 more times out of 10. In the end, I still struggle with heavier weights, but because the app recommended FSS next, I’m going with it. I’m still very excited to see things trending up. So far I haven’t waned in motivation since starting…but here in New Jersey, winter is long, so we’ll see. Hopefully others on here are still going at it to keep up the psych through the upcoming dark times.
  20. I understand. Something future Andy will hopefully benefit from. I can’t say for sure whether I am ‘constantly’ adjusting. Im trying to get better/faster/smarter, but I don’t think I have enough experience with equipment to know the difference, if that makes sense.
  21. I feel that, I was thinking even more long term. As someone who was initially not fit this well for a driver shaft, struggled a little and then got better results, I wonder if part of the journey was adapting to a new feel. Now a year later, maybe I shouldn’t worry about it until my dispersion changes for the worse or it starts to feel bad.
  22. Thanks guys. Seems everything is in one way or another a “compensation” to try to get what you want? So then is the balance during a fit getting enough shots to have a decent enough standard deviation to make a data comparison before numbers change, or is the feel of the timing just as important? Like if it feels weird, but I’m getting a good result, is that worth keeping? I’m also interested in how well we engrain the adjustments in the long run too, such that if the adjustment or compensation isn’t too ‘bad’ that a bad fit ends up being ok later on.l or vice versa. (Not trying to harp on the benefits of fitting, I have been fit before and will continue to do so before making changes, I just don’t have the $$ to do it.)
  23. It would be really enlightening to participate in this test. I’m so jealous of those that get to do it. I’ve always wanted to try something softer for feel, but I’ve never gotten the chance to make a direct comparison. I often wonder how much our swings adjust to what we have in the sense that even if I had a “bad” fit initially, I’ve now compensated to make it work for me after a year of practice/playing.
  24. I don’t use a glove anymore, but when I did I only really used it for the driver and longer irons. I always felt that when you aren’t gripping the club too hard, a glove can make the club feel paradoxically more unstable…especially when the glove is older or isn’t a perfect fit.
  25. I haven’t tried them yet though it looks like I should. I just installed a Star wrap grip that I had laying around, because I heard they were made of similar materials but it somehow doesn’t feel as grabby as the Tour velvet that was on there, so I’m a little disappointed. Is the pure grip material different enough from Star to give them a chance?
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