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  1. counter point to your question. Putter specific coaching in mass? Also second spargo if your looking for non quintic fitting.
  2. Rocking a tour z6 non slope no gps about 9 years old. Assuming I get the latest laser non slope no gps is there any real upgrade other then maybe pin acquisition time? Optical clarity?
  3. Aside from the typical orange whip, mirror, etc. Due to a recent wrist injury I got a sklz smart glove. A bunch of my high handicap friends got it and love it.
  4. I guess in a sense. Father's day buy 2 get 1 and then prime day Bogo. 5 boxes for cost of 3. Almost same cost as the snell. Needed to go back to yellow. As a 30 year old with really high shots and perfect vision I can never find a ball.
  5. That is a fair point. Let's learn from it and prepare for next time.
  6. Just realized my long irons Fli-Hi 3i 19* & MMC 4i 22* both go the same distance of 230y. All parameters (spin, launch, etc.) are the same aside from 85 vs 105 foot height. 3W @ 16* is about 275y. Looking for a callaway maverik 2H for around 253y gap fill. Something a big more utility than a 3W.
  7. Chipping yips for me means im not having my weight forward.
  8. Has anyone done the spargo putter fitting in RI? I'm looking for a fitting i can leave with a full spec on and ideally one where they can critique my stroke.
  9. Actually about to go for one down at Spargo once my injured hand heals up. Had one at club champion at the time i was gaming a nike method mc-02w or whatever the classic answer style was at 34". The SAM told me i was great putter and club champion tried to tell me a scotty with all the same settings (length, loft, lie) would be better. I opted to ignore this. Got a whole bag fitting at golf and ski and we squeezed the putter in twoards the end. At this point i was gaming a 34" answer and was told a thicker grip, 2-3" extension and flatter would help. Neither fitting i left with an actual exact spec or even exact tweaks to perform. As a result i basically ignored both fittings. Doing my own DIY fitting now more to evaluate my stroke. Eventually going to find my way to a full putter fitting hopefully from scratch to get a hard spec.
  10. Played the snell mtb-x the last 18 months. switching back to zstar XV for a bit as that was my old gamer.
  11. Only one but maybe i am in the wrong? Looks like i should invest in some more. Thanks for opening my eyes.
  12. I get playing holes based on where fans were already. Maybe they can cap holes in the future? Play a playoff hole 2-3 times max. 18, 18, 17, 17, etc. Add some variety. Change the tees? Really any variety would have been nice.
  13. I walk 90% of the time. If i'm playing alone i will always walk. Only time i'm in a cart is if im playing with people who arent big golfers.
  14. Ping Hoofer. Of the dozen or so pockets they all seemed to be designed for a purpose making pocket selection a no brainer. Each pocket has a different shape, closure, lining. I'm used to bags with 8 generic shaped pockets all zippered and i never know what yo put hwere.
  15. Does a longer ring than index come into play at all for grip sizing. Assuming as shown in the picture above the distance from tip of ring to palm seems to be the method of sizing grip diameter.
  16. I would probably just shoot those guys a message. They were really helpful with questions i have had in the past.
  17. Is there a chart or anything on starting swing weight? For instance a 110mph driver should be D1-D4. Trying to find some sort of starting point.
  18. I spent $40 for an hour on trackman, hit about 5 shots per club. Noticed my 3i and 4i go the same distance. Gapping seems like a trial and error thing to me in my experience.
  19. Went from MCC Midsize > MCC +4 Midsize > MCC Midsize. I didnt like how soft they felt. Never was able to test them on a monitor. Might try them again in the future.
  20. The Good: With lessons i found a solution to my accuracy issues that have hurt me for years if not decades. The bad: I hurt my hand and cant play for a few weeks because i was pushing myself too fast to learn this new solution.
  21. My curent approach is garmin fenix 5x, the grint, laser. Sometimes i feel like i'm getting too much. Typically i'm using the garmin for gps distance and score keeping. The grint for tracking my metrics. If i wait a few holes to enter into the grint its not a big deal. Laser i typically use for <250y and when i'm really going for a pin or when i think the GPS seems odd. The main reason i wont get Arccos or a upgraded rangefinder like the z82 is because of data overload. I wish apps would sync better like garmin>arccos>thegrint.
  22. Follow the alton brown pour over method. It gets in depth with scales and such. Makes a great cup
  23. For me some bays are just tight. Either short ceilings, narrow width or people walking behind. I feel like my swing is wider than it is so hitting indoors is a mental nightmare.
  24. recommend some cheap amazon levels. can get 3-4 for $5 i rubberband them on once the grip is on. also a small vice and rubber gripper to hold the shaft in the vice.
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