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  1. I've played a lot of beautiful courses in Texas, and this thread has given me a lot more to seek out. But based on nostalgia and where they intercepted my golfing journey the three places that really stand out are: -Glennbrook Park (Houston), it's no longer around but I used to play it all the time while going to UH. Simms Bayou crisscrossed it in several crazy ways (#9 was driver, wedge short of bayou then 3wood) but it was a complete blast! I even played it barefoot once because I'd forgotten my shoes and flip-flops just don't work on the course. -Lions Muni, I'm fortunate to live right by it now and my 8 year old gets to experience growing up with it as his local optioni. The vibe is so strong I can overlook a lot of condition issue, it's a really special spot. -Memorial Park Driving Range/Practice area (pre-renovation), the spot where Ben Hogan taught me to play with his Five Fundamentals and I dug it out of the mat. Now if you asked me about the "best" course in Texas I'd probably give a different list, but these are no doubt my "favorite". Cheers!
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