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  1. There are many options to get clubs fitted, most using the same technology (e.g., TrackMan) and there are big companies (e.g., True Spec, Tour Experience, Cool Clubs), small shops as well as many golf courses. Unfortunately, I chose Club Champion in SC, an 1 1/2 hr drive from my home. As has been noted in several online reviews of "how to select a club fitter" CUSTOMER SUPPORT should be an important consideration. The customer support during my experience was a DISASTER. The fitting itself seemed to go well although it's a pretty straight forward process. Most fitters go through a short TrackMan training program to interpret the results produced by TrackMan but to be clear: the "expertise" is with TrackMan and the data it generates. I ordered new irons & woods for a total of $4,600. After the purchase, I was left with $37 in unused gift cards and a couple weeks after my purchase I decided to order an additional fairway wood. I called Club Champion, but my numerous calls went unanswered. I sent several emails to the fitter (Matt Ferrie at the SC location) but again, no response. Eventually, I gave up and asked to refund my $37. I was informed it was totally against company policy to refund gift cards. I informed them that the $37 represented less than 1% of my $4,600 order. After numerous calls, the issue was elevated to CC corporate office which informed me that after much consideration, they decided to make this one exception for $37. No apology or thank you for my purchase, just a rude response about the problem I had created. A separate problem occurred after using the clubs for about 2 months. I'm an 8 handicap and on occasion might sky a drive...not an uncommon experience for most golfers. However, almost immediately the Titleist driver's club head began to chip at the edge where the face meets the top of the club head. I showed the club to my club pro who said it was likely an imperfection in the finish application. Normally, he would take care of it, but since I bought it through Club Champion, the club would have to be sent to Titleist via CC. I sent pictures to CC, but there was no response. It took several calls to get a response. When CC did respond, they seemed totally unconcerned. It was not their problem. The "chips" were probably my fault and they doubted Titleist would do anything. Despite their total lack of concern, I finally convinced them to send the pictures of the chipped club head to Titleist. But even after sending the pics to Titleist, it took many calls to CC to learn about Titleist's response. According to CC, there was nothing that could be done. However, the total lack of concern my CC was pathetic. It seemed obvious that they hadn't pressed Titleist to do anything. Finally, as if you get rid of me, they offered a 10% discount for the purchase of a new club head. This ws offered to a customer who had just spent $4,600! Would I recommend Club Champion to others? Not on your life! My recommendation is to use your club pro whose total existence rests on his/her ability to provide good customer service to members. They're far more likely to pressure Titleist (or other manufacturer) to make things right, especially if their club does much business. CC undoubtedly does a great deal of business with Titleist and should have considerable clout with Titleist. Unfortunately, one never knows until the problems arise. Obviously, my story does not reflect well on Club Champion, but it also does not present Titleist in the best light when it comes to standing behind its product.
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