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  2. Hi MGS, I had recently heard about the Vision Test Pilot program taking place at MGS and thought I would come and check it out. My name is AB and I am a Vision Test Pilot from Australia. I have just spent the evening reading through your Vision thread and it is striking how similar the findings and the process is from the forum we have running in Australia on Iseekgolf. I thought I would come in here and introduce myself. I am a former professional Long Drive competitor who has now been using the Vision products for the last 6 months. Initially I came across this “game improvement golf ball” in the Australian forum. I was used to hitting more “traditional golf balls” in the low compression market at the local driving range and finding them next to useless - they over compressed, lost their flight and ended up falling out of the sky. Consequently when I read in the Australian forum one of the Vision members saying how the “Vision Pinky” had been used in UK Long Drive Competition, I arrogantly jumped into the forum and criticised this statement… “How would a low compression ball ever be used in a Long Drive competition where we are used to using balls of 105 compression and greater?” To Boz's credit he contacted me directly by email and rather than giving me the facts and trying to convey the benefits his Vision brand provided, he simply offered me a testing sample of his product and asked me to see what I thought. After my initial testing session, I knew I was going to have to eat some humble pie. Not only were they very interesting to look at (I'm sure those of you already involved in 2010's testing program can attest to this), they actually performed amazingly well for a ball that was designed for sub 110mph golf swings. At the time I was swinging in the high 140's – early 150's, so to get any kind of performance out of a lower compression golf ball was amazing. Whilst they were not the longest ball I had ever hit compared to other commercial designs their performance was super high class! It was the ball flight and the consistency of distance that impressed me most though. To have a dozen golf balls finish within 10 yards of each other over a distance of 360 yards was incredible. Hearing from the other test pilots in Australia about their golf course “playability” and being a bit stale from Long Drive, I decided to begin hitting them with irons and taking them out onto the course. In the last 6 months we have had some very eye opening characteristics of the ball become evident... “I would like to put a side note in here and say that the reason I haven't mentioned any of these characteristics is that one of the great things Boz does is to let you discover things for yourself. There is a true genius behind his method of making you test the product with little prior knowledge. Whilst testing the balls and paying attention to what they do and how they play, you end up learning so much about your golf game and how you can go about playing it. This encourages you to hit different shots and to try and fit the particular golf ball you are testing to the course. This is an added game improvement benefit of being part of the test pilot program”. 6 months after discovering the Vision ball I have actually retired from competitive long drive. I now play off a scratch handicap and currently have a best round of a 6 under 66 from the black markers using a UVX3 golf ball (my personal favourite) – I can tell you the looks you get playing off scratch using a yellow (and sometimes pink ) golf ball are priceless! I am currently using the next 6 months to really focus on my golf. The Australian Tour Q School happens in late December each year and I am actually now considering throwing my hat in the ring. The experience Boz provides in his test pilot program is one that I can't stress enough that will give you an opportunity to not only gain improvement in your golf but to gain a new sense of enjoyment in it. This is truly what Boz and Vision have done for me and my game. Boz is also a very genuine and generous man who will surprise you guys with the level of customer service he provides. His knowledge and background in the golf industry makes him a great source of information, do not hesitate to ask him questions at any time, the answers will always be educational and thought provoking. He is certainly one of the “good guys”. No if you are wondering, he does not pay me, I am not employed by Vision, nor has he asked me to do this, in fact I am sure he will be embarrassed by much of what I have said as he is a very modest and humble man. I write this for two reasons… 1. Boz through the way he conducts his test pilot program, the advice and knowledge he provides, as well as the products he has designed, has reignited my love for the game of golf again. And I am sure had it not been for his generosity in the face of my initial product adversity, I would not be in the position that I am today as a golfer. 2. Vision test pilots are a team and a community. There is definitely camaraderie between the members over here in Australia. I would like to extend this camaraderie to you guys at My Golf Spy also. If I can ever answer any questions you might have either going into the Vision Test Pilot Program or during it, please don't ever hesitate to ask. I will check in here regularly and see how you guys are going. Feel free to drop by our forum thread too at ISG any time also, I am sure all the guys would love to hear your Vision experiences. Have fun guys, hope to meet and speak to you all again soon… AB_FROM_OZ
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