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  1. Hello all, Because of big personal worries I had to stop playing golf for 7 months. I resumed at practice 2 weeks ago, feeling like I was starting from 0. During my stop, I found by chance t300 2019 recoil F3 -0.5 inch (5-pw) for 440$ My pro found me a 2019 w48 new for $110 and gave me a rtx4 58° with a ns pro 950 reg As soon as he receives his new putter I have to get his spider back for a good price. I plan to complete my bag with a 52 or 54° as well as a 5 wood. And that will be all for now. I have gift cards for one club in a golf shop, but i don't know if i want to buy new now and which, wedge or 5 wood Regards Good WGC
  2. I suspected the maltbys weren't beginner irons. I also really like the AP1 that a member advised me at the beginning of the topic. however the 718s are a bit expensive I sent the announcements to my pro, he told me to wait, he got some taylormade M6 that I can try, in 15 days normally. if the M6s don't fit, I found some f-max superlite 2019 for 200 €, or it will definitely be AP1 716 or 718 depending on the price I can get. because the other announcements, the sets are a little too old Thank you for sharing your experience anyway
  3. Thank you very much, the feeling of a player is as important as the technical characteristics. As the PW shaft has a severe shock, it must be changed. Must see how much it costs.
  4. Hello I haven't seen my pro since the Wilson test, almost 2 months. so i worked my swing on my own, with youtube. the pro-shop fitting was canceled and impossible to schedule another one with our respective schedules. So I decided to look for a second-hand series, without trying it, despite my swing problems. 1/ AP1 714 5-PW graphite 240 € average condition 2/ AP1 716 5-PW graphite 310 € very good condition 3/ AP1 718 4-PW graphite 475 € very good condition 4/ burner plus 5-PW graphite 135 € good condition 5/ Rogue 5-PW graphite senior 255 € good condition 6/ Acer XV 4-PW apollo 85 140 € good condition 7/ maltby ts1 7-PW TS2 4-6 fujukura atmos 285 € new 8/ burner 2.0 5-pw + SW RAC 56 ° superfast steel 85 130€ good condition but a shock on the PW shaft 9/ sim 2 Max 4-SW 8 steel clubs 460 € new 10/ M2 5-PW graphite 310 € very good condition 11/ Wilson D350 5-PW + 3 WOOD PING I3 210 € very good condition for the Wilson, very average condition for the wood 12/ wishon 870ti 5-PW graphite soft regular 315 € very good condition What do you think of these Irons set ? Could you give your 3 Best value for money for me ? Regards
  5. Hi, unlike Sub70 which offers a club testing system, to my knowledge no internet retailer offers such a useful service. And sub70 don't offert it in Europe Only possibility offered by a seller, a purchase and reimbursement in voucher, on standard clubs without choice of shafts. After my recent experience i realize that for a beginner it is very difficult to buy without trying. Suddenly, I will certainly buy a "classic" brand to be able to try more easily. My pro has scheduled a new test / fitting session for me in the store he works with. I hope to take advantage of the sales to have an attractive price. Regards
  6. Hello ten days ago I tried the Wilson d9, D7 forged and blade. very surprised by the light weight of the iron head. I tried 7 shafts. with the other clubs I had tried my best swing was with a light graphite shaft. but with the D9 the head is so light that it was with a kbs lite Steel and an ultra light senior graphite shaft that I had my best swing. I looked for the head weight of a 7 iron D9 , but couldn't find anything. to compare it with a rogue callaway head, which I had quite appreciated.
  7. I see my coach Yesterday. we have validated a total budget of 900 € /1090$ max, consistent for a beginner. we agree on the research : driver, wood, hybrids, irons, recent pre-owned or clearance sale. new putter and wedge Of all the references, he only keeps the Ping Rapture series for the price, the M2 and the Srixon because they are recent. Everything else is too old or as you said, difficult to play. But, if i need to modify lie and lenght, he thinks the opportunity is no longer worth it.
  8. Thank you for your answers, precise and argued. Small disappointment, it was the R9 that I liked the most, aesthetics and low price, to complete it as I wanted. then the M2, because recent. the srixon is like new, but the reviews are mixed I think The price of the ping complete set is just amazing, but I like the design less and not sure that all the clubs suit me. in any case you gave me the info on their playability. Let me thanks you again. I'm going to talk to my coach about it and try to test them all. I note your preference for ping and M2 Regards
  9. hello, With a lot of regrets, I definitely don't have the budget to buy a new sub 70 iron set. New Acer XV set "custom-made" is at the same price that pre-owned classical brand and i can't try it. So I looked specifically for used products in good condition. Could you give me your opinion on this pre owned sets find in France ? What is the best for a beginner ? All in graphite regular callaway Razr X 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,PW, AW, SW, LW (very good condition) : 470€=567$ I can't try it Callaway X18 5,6,7,8,9,PW (average condition) : 175€=211$ i can try mizuno MX25 5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW (good condition) : 200€=241$ I can try Ping Rapture Green Dot, (not good for me, black) 3/4/5/6/7/8/9/P/W Wood Driver/3/5 Bag (Very good condition) : 299€=361$ +60€/72$ for custom by Ping I can try Ping G20 Black dot 5,6,7,8,9,PW (bad condition) : 180€=217$ I can try SRIXON Z155 5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW (like new) : 320€=387$ I can try Taylormade M2 2017 5,6,7,8,9,PW,AW (very good condition) : 420€=507$ I can try Taylormade M2 2016 4,5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW,LW (very good condition) : 500€=604$ I can try Taylormade R11 5,6,7,8,9,PW,SW60,Putter, Hybrid, 3 Wood, Driver (average condition) : 500€=604$ I can try Taylormade R9 5,6,7,8,9,PW (very good condition) : 180€=217$ I can try My coach don't know all the references. He just say my, the set must be in very good or good condition, and less than 5 years ideally. Regards
  10. I know nordicagolf and in France we have a clubmaker who work with low Price brands like nordica and hireko. The two sale the same wedge that hireko.
  11. I continue my reflection on my future beginner bag. after having spoken with my coach, I go to a new / used mix -driver: pre-owned. difficult club for a beginner, no need to put money in it for now -hybrid: pre-owned -putter: new. need to try several to find out what suits me -wedge: new. the streaks must be in good condition. too random on occasion. My first idea, https://www.hirekogolf.com/professional-open-series-690-wedge-custom-assembled-xi128.html, in europe 70€ but i have an opportunity on new vockey sm8 for 110€. - iron series: the big question remains.
  12. indeed, Wilson is present. but new it's too expensive. the D9 range is very beautiful I find and perfect for a beginner. I spotted the Infinite putters, not too expensive. I ask myself a lot of questions, because I'm afraid of making a bad second-hand purchase and having to change it quickly. the idea of buying for example a sub70 799 or 699 would be to keep it until a very low index if I succeed. for a lower price than well-known brands
  13. It's just their design, i don't know why, but i don't like it. i never tried them
  14. I don't like dynacraft. But Maltby is a brand that i considere too
  15. I know. these are all the positive reviews that makes me want to. But without trying, for a beginner, it's a lottery. And the brexit complicates a bit but there is the Dutch site. Moreover, it's the 739 set that interested me. But it is not for sale on European site, and will be replaced by the 799 set this summer. Otherwise, I become an importer
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