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  1. The US open is a wonderful tournament, excellent golf year after year with usually some excitement atop the leaderboard. Would love to attend this event .
  2. This is one of those questions that has a binary conclusion built into the answer and as a result may or may not add any identifiable value to one’s game. To start what does overthink even mean? Is it time spent over the ball or is it the time spent getting ready to get over the ball and all the other things pre address? Do the pros and their caddies overthink when they discuss a shots a half dozen environmental inputs, club choices and trajectory options? So what is the problem that you think needs solving and that the question begs an answer for ? Slow play, inconsiderate etiquette, wrong or wasteful thinking or ……?
  3. I’m right/right dominate, but also wear mono vision contacts. Left for reading and right for distance. Unfortunately the ball tends to be in a no man’s land and I need to consciously focus to get it zeroed in. Was driving me crazy and I just shifted back to a more feel oriented putting style. Anyone else using mini vision contacts and a little bewildered?
  4. I don’t take much of a look at the top line after setting up and focus more in the leading edge.However that said , if the club companies put a dot on the top line right over the sweet spot that would be something That I would look at.
  5. BGRI

    Titleist T100s

    Looking at this discussion from a testing perspective has me a little confused. Is the point of the testing to determine if the new models make golfers better than the previous models? Or is it something else? Right now I’m using T300’s I bought last summer and amazingly they are getting better and better. I guess irons mellow with time and my shots are getting smoother and smoother, to the point that they are working so well that I’m playing twice as often as last year. The T300’s seem to work real well when I hit a drive in the fairway and I’ve found I can even shape my 5, 6, and 7 a little more than I ever could do in the past. In an unusual twist, the T300’s seem to respond very very well when I take one more club than my initial choice. ( can these clubs actually sense and encourage appropriate decisions)?. One detriment to gaming the T300’s is that proportionally I am hitting the ball more often into the gnarly stuff just off the green and the wedges don’t seem to respond as automatically on those little 6 foot chips off the green to short sided pins as they do from 35 yards out in the fringe. Also the T300’s seem to have a problem with purring on shots out of the rough with the ball below my feet on side hill lies. ( “ pureing” was autocorrected to purring and I left it in out of deference to my cat loving wife who understands that my T300’s have a need to be put into action more often to remain happy. Happy clubs, happy wife, happy life…..) In a nutshell I would like to test the newest version of the T300, so I can see if they can maintain my game improvement progress and confirm whether or not they are an improvement relative to my existing model. Also can supply Arccos numbers and promise to never compare T300s to blades or even T100’s.
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