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    doodlegolf got a reaction from tommyb1683 in 2023 MGS Forum Test: L.A.B. Putters   
    I'm a slight-arc putter and currently use a Scotty Select Newport 2 Notchback blade with the stock grip. I consider myself just an ok putter, Arccos agrees; I average 33 putts per round and my putts per G.I.R. is a less-than-stellar 2.3. The LAB Link.1 is very intriguing to me as I tend to miss both right and left. At times, I feel like I'm "steering" the putter head through the stroke. I'm thinking the torqueless aspect would help me especially on longer putts. I would be able to give it a good test as I play 27 holes per week minimum, one course weekly in a league and a variety of courses each week with a loose-knit group. Thanks for your consideration and for all you do for those of us who love the game!
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    doodlegolf got a reaction from cksurfdude in L.A.B Putters   
    This is a very interesting concept. After watching the videos for the L.A.B. putters I'm very interested in putting them to the test. Thanks MGS for the opportunity and for all you do for us weekend hacks!
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