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  1. I'm enjoying the clubs I'd posted about here a few days ago. Needed to get a bag for them though, as they're not going to be part of my main set. Or maybe they will and I'll take out matching clubs from what I have. Either way I needed a bag for the mini set. So with Prime Day yesterday, I picked up a Sunday bag to hold the clubs. It'll be nice to have that second bag so that there's a second lefty set around the house and I can drag my brother out with me.
  2. I've had success with calling for a time in that case, but it's definitely annoying to have to deal with. I'll probably find a different course to play if I'm solo when the option doesn't exist unless it's a course I've not had the opportunity to play before.
  3. Most of my golf is played as a single, sometimes paired with someone else. When I'm out there on my own, it's peaceful and quiet. I do wish I had some more regular rounds with other people though. I try to drag family along, but it's not always easy to get schedules lined up. I also have a quarter set coming that'll make it easier to get one of my brothers out with me. I'm sure if I find a course to play regularly rather than jumping around from course to course each time out it'd be easier, but I have plenty of public courses around to try and only so much time to try them all.
  4. I have no idea; I see the new one, "US Open Challenge" in the app, but not on tour page on the website yet. Maybe you have to submit to see it there, because I see it in the dropdown when adding a score on the website as well.
  5. There was a Callaway Epic Forged 7 iron in their pre-owned clearance section... Was. At about $45, I couldn't resist. Also picked up a hybrid and a wedge with it to make myself a little spare set. I won't feel as bad about keeping it in my car, and I can leave the big bag and main clubs at home unless I'm planning to go play a round. Now I just need to find a nice little bag to carry the new selections in.
  6. I had no clue on the Sharks. I'm pretty sure SBW played for the Roosters at one point, which is pretty much the only reason I recognized the uniform. I only know enough to know that I know basically nothing about the NRL. Rugby league has fewer players on the field (13 vs 15), is a bit freer in play, and generally everyone's roughly the same body type. You get 6 tackles to score, or you have to turn the ball over. Score values are lower than in union, and the field looks kinda like an old time American Football field with the posts on the goal line rather than at the back of the end zone. After a tackle, you have to drop back 10 yards before making the next tackle unless you were involved (I think, I don't understand the play-the-ball). Rugby Union has no tackle limit; you can take as many carries as you wish to try and score. You also have more competitive restarts in rugby union than in league, so you have a bit more variety in body type; You have football linemen for the front row of your scrum, basketball centers for lineouts, and then the tiny guy who looks out of place on the team to run from tackle to tackle and get the ball out and moving again. Pretty much if the ball is in bounds, you can fight over it. They're very different games, in the end.
  7. How are we defining "Generic, Off-the-rack clubs"? Is it what you would grab off the wall at a big box store from one of the major brands, or are we talking a box set? Either way, my putter's the choice, I'm just wondering if I'd be getting a club upgrade for the rest of my bag out of the deal.
  8. Remind me not to walk when the temperature's supposed to reach the mid 90s, especially on a particularly hilly course. Should probably have just walked off after the front 9, but I didn't realize how hilly the back was, especially in comparison to the front. If I could have started on 10 I might have had a chance, but I was simply too exhausted to continue by 11. I blew up on 1, 5, and 9 with 10s, but was solid on the other holes. Had a par save I'm rather proud of on 4, and just a bogey on the other 5 holes. Could have done with some better putting a few times, but I think the main thing I need to work on is my iron play; it completely abandoned me, and particularly on those blowup holes. Some lessons are most likely in order.
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