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  1. This is an update on my post above on April 27th, re converting my Yamaha Drive2 PTV to run on RELi3ON® InSight lithium batteries. Recently I was away on an extended trip and shoot so my cart sat for more than 7 weeks. I don't like leaving the golf cart on a charger when I am away, so I set it to "Tow" and powered down the lithium batteries. When I returned and turned the cart back on, the batteries were at 99% of a full charge! Pretty outstanding. Never could do that with lead acid batteries in the cart.
  2. We have been using Caddy Daddy for at least 10 years. Prior to that we used full hard side cases but found them difficult to maneuver and very hard to fit in many rental cars. The Caddy Daddy has done a good job of keeping our clubs in fine shape with one exception. On a trip to Hawaii, the TSA had removed the hard top of the case, inspected them, put their card in the case, and then neglected to reconnect the front two Velcro straps securing the hard top. It was only secured loosely by the back straps and in essence was hinged. The result was when the case was loaded with other baggage after the TSA inspection, the front of the hard top sheared the shaft on my driver at the head. It took a year, but TSA did pay for the replacement. For the past couple of years, I have found I can put my irons with their heads down in the Caddy Daddy partitions, while I put the woods and driver heads up. This totally reduces the chance an iron can be smashed into the shaft of the woods or driver.
  3. I have a Yamaha Drive2 PTV golf cart with Yamaha’s AC motor, and it came new with six 8-volt lead acid batteries. The cart gets used an average of three times per week on one of our two golf courses, both of which have sizeable elevation changes throughout the courses. After three and one-half years the original Trojan T-875 batteries were failing and barely able to make it through one round. Based on my research, I decided to go with RELi3ON® InSight lithium batteries, provided at cost by RELi3ON®. While most applications will work fine with just 2 of the InSight lithiums (each is 48 volts, 30 amp-hrs), because of the frequency we use our cart and the elevation changes, I went with 4 InSights for a total of 120 amp-hrs. After my first couple month’s use of the RELi3ON® InSight lithium batteries, I have found that they perform perfectly. No matter how hard the cart is pushed, they never even get warm to the touch. They charge back to 100% and 120-amp hours in just a few hours. Even after driving around and playing 36 holes on my very hilly courses, the remaining charge is still in the mid 60% range. Handling and “zippiness” are superb due to the permanent weight reduction. Another bonus is not ever having to think about checking and adding distilled water to the batteries. The install was straight forward. I have done a write-up with pictures if you are interested. It is at https://insight.daumphotography.com/2021/04/26/36-holes-no-problem-powered-to-go-and-go-with-reli3on-insight-lithium-batteries/ Let me know if you have any questions.
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