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  1. Can’t wait to see how the one lengths preform!! @LeftyMatt89 good luck
  2. From what I’ve read about the higher swing speeds, it looks like it starts to become an issue at around ball speeds of 160ish. I would guess this is due to the frame rates of the cameras they are using as they are only 300fps as far as I can tell. I have heard of some manufacturers starting to use doplar as well as cameras like the ES Tour Plus. That comes in at around $2,700 but I haven’t done much research into it. Looks like this one won’t be very good outside though either
  3. Could be wrong but, from what I read, I thought the Skytrak could be used outdoors as well. Found my info here: https://golfsupport.com/blog/skytrak-launch-monitor/
  4. Although I don’t any of these units, I’ve done some extensive research on which one I hope to buy in the future. Have found that my options for an affordable simulator are between the Mevo+ and the skytrak, but they use completely different tech. The Mevo+ uses Doppler like a typical launch monitor, while the Skytrak is a multi camera unit, similar to a gc quad. At this point, I am preferring the Skytrak as you can have it much closer to you and it seems more accurate (check this vid for comparison: ). Would love to hear some more thoughts on this
  5. I agree l, the backspin should be lower when hitting up, but I believe this may be a dynamic loft situation (angle of attack + club loft) that may be causing too much spin. @Daniel_Norway what is the loft on your current driver? Also, by “better”, what do you mean ( better contact, strainer flight, higher swing speed)?
  6. Started watching the video and it reminded me of this post: https://www.instagram.com/p/COTuDVpt6Ls/?igshid=n4z5qsj7tvz3 I’ve attached the images if you can’t view the link. Very interesting that you are taking about lead arm angle at the top of the backswing and this post shows some top tour pros with very close to the same lead arm angle. Wrist hinge and angle tend to vary but the lead arms seem very consistent.
  7. Would it be correct to assume then that they come from the same assembly line, but the tour players get to “cherry pick” the best of the best, giving them maxed out CT for driver and very tight weight tolerances?
  8. I have somewhat recently changed to a one plane swing as you have mentioned and it has done a lot for my game. The film will tell you and us a lot about what is going on. My initial thought is that your hands are getting too involved (trying to overcompensate). Have you done any research into Bryson’s single plane swing? I have implemented his techniques into my swing and I’ve never struck the ball better. Biggest factor for me was the ulnar deviation in the wrists (pointing the toe of the club towards the ground, bringing the line of the shaft from more around waist level to around chest level). I would love to hear more about your progress
  9. After 7 pages of this, nothing has been accomplished. You have your opinion on the rule and while some may agree, I feel the majority do not. If you aren’t playing for a handicap, play however you want, but if you are, play by the rules in places either by USGA or your local club. Maybe you can start a rules petition or something of that sort if you find the rule unfair
  10. While I agree that there is no quick fix, there are some benefits to these videos if you know what to look for. These are typically general advise videos for why people tend to hit a certain way. I have watched countless hours of videos of this sort and other golf YouTube videos and, after 3 years, only fixed my slice about 6 months ago. To me, I found watching club fitting videos more helpful as they would show the raw data that you would get from a coaching lesson (club path, face angle, angle of attack, dynamic loft, backspin, side spin). Although watching these videos eventually helped, the hours that I put on the range and course are what really fixed my swing. In hind sight, having someone tell me what I had to fix first instead of having to guess, would have saved me time, but it was somewhat rewarding to find the fix myself. Hope this helps
  11. I guess my main point that I would want to bring up is: Do you feel you should be punished more for hitting a ball out of the bounds of the course compared to hitting within the design of the course, but to a place where it cannot be played? Personally I feel that it is fair to be punished more, and it seems like the majority agree with that.
  12. For those that have watched the video, what is your take on his force dispersion technique? meaning the way he turns off his back heal and out of his swing stance. I think this is one of the things that will allow him to play for a longer period of time without injury along with his physical training as well obviously
  13. I would say that, in the spirit of the rules and the game, a shot OB is typically a much worse shot (further away from the intended shot) than a shot into a hazard. As for the ball being at the bottom of the pond, I guess it depends on who you ask
  14. Completely agree. Why shouldn’t we be penalized for hitting the ball where it shouldn’t be? It makes you work harder to hit the ball where it’s supposed to be
  15. In this case, wouldn’t moving the ball position back in your stance help accommodate for this? I seem to remember Bryson having the ball positioned much more centered in his stance than he does now when he would drive without much spinal tilt, although now he is quite the opposite
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