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  1. Seems like a cool idea. I went ahead and signed up for the beta testing. Hopefully he starts selling them soon and I'll give it a shot!
  2. This is a great idea! Has anyone tried this? Do they stay on? I might have to give it a shot.
  3. This is my first post here so hopefully I am putting it in the right place. I was out playing a round with some friends recently and ended up losing my brand new 52 degree wedge. I have a nasty habit of pulling both my wedge and putter and leaving my wedge behind on the green. I realized I lost it a couple holes down and went back to search with no luck. My current guess is that a group behind us decided to take it for themselves. I know the age old trick of putting your wedge in between yourself and your bag but I still seem to forget my wedges quite often. I was wondering if anyone knows of
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