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  1. I'm 67 and a 14 index, living on the Northdale Golf club in Tampa FL. I've been wearing the new Squairz shoes for about 7 months. Love 'em. I think they would be hard to beat. I previously wore mostly FootJoys (several different styles). I am a bonafide golf junkie. I've been playing for 53 years. Caddied in a few pro events for one of my sons including 2 US Open qualifiers, played lots of competitive rounds, designed/developed scoring software. My favorite club is my driver. I consistently hit it out there with the young bucks and past the other seniors my age. I'm currently playing new Cobra RAD Driver(absolutely love it), 5 FW, and new Taylormade P790 Irons. I played the OneIronGolf.com BlackStone single length irons, Driver and 3 wood last year for about 4 months. I have 8 sets of clubs including my new ones. Besides that, I've been through 4 new putters, two sets of Jim Taylor wedges, 2 Bombtek Drivers and 3 woods, 1 Tour Edge 3 wood, a set of Bombtek irons 2-pw, 3 Laser Range finders, aftermarket shafts (Steadfast) and various what I call "gimmick tools" in the past 4 years. Since 2019 I figure I've spent around $6k just on golf equipment. I don't always buy the off the shelf stuff. I like supporting the small businesses and startups, like Bombtek(great value for the price), Vice Golf (great balls and gloves). Having been the President of probably the largest golf league in Central Florida (www.tbgte.org) for 7 years, and the current President/Owner of the Tampa Bay Golf League, Inc., I have a very large golfing network of around 1400+ golfers just in Florida. I'm asked weekly what I have new this week. Including my new league, I'm also playing in two other leagues, and usually play around 8 9-hole league rounds and 4 18 hole rounds per month.
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