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  1. Chambers Bay Golf Course, located in Tacoma, Washington, will be host this years US Open. What is unique about Chambers Bay is its considered to be the fist time a US Open has been played on a links style course, and could be a very difficult challenge for even your seasoned links style player. Chambers Bay's top caddy was recently interviewed and gave a hole by hole detail on how a to properly attack this very difficult track. http://www.golfdiscount.com/usopen/ Balataman
  2. Elton might not have used very sophisticated chord changes within his songs, but his melodies (along with Bernie's lyrics) will stand the test of time. Your great grandkids will be listening to Elton John songs, not Lady Gaga. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoskDZRLOCs
  3. I might have come off a little too harsh there, sorry. I will admit that when I first saw the @Graeme_McDowell twit picts it was 'Love at first sight' & yes, it looked a little 'gimmicky' as well. But when I found out that the Classic would be part of Cleveland's regular line and would not limited edition model, and then after hearing a couple of co-workers raving about it after they demoed it on a launch monitor, I changed my tune from crush to obsessed! Its still way too early to tell, but I think Cleveland might have a winner here! I am not sure I will be able to get any vide
  4. I think there is a lot more technology going on with this driver that we just don't know about quite yet. This club is not a novelty. Our office tested a 10.5 on a launch monitor and the numbers were pretty impressive. I will try and get some images & video of the driver in action, along with some launch monitor numbers (if not today, sometime early next week). Kevin
  5. FYI - Image #1 The black stuff around the Classic crest on the sole is 'FUZZ' from the headcover. BTW, the headcover is pretty cool as well.
  6. Most of your top tier accounts will see samples of the 2012 line in November, but local TM sales reps won't get their samples/demos until December.
  7. Just saw a TaylorMade catalog sheet for the new R11 irons and I could not believe what I saw - the weight port on the back cavity is RED! Just putting that out there. I will post the sheet when I find out its OK to do so.
  8. 15% OFF Wedges Use coupon code WEDGE15 until June 26th. LINK.
  9. Official press release: Adams Golf Introduces Idea Pro a12 Hybrids and Forged Iron Sets PLANO, TEXAS, April 27, 2011 – The award-winning Idea franchise from Adams Golf (NasdaqCM:ADGF) just got bigger and better with the introduction of the new Idea Pro a12 hybrids and forged iron sets. Engineered to meet the standards of better players, the premium hybrids deliver tour-preferred launch conditions, enhanced playability and a sleek black finish. The superior forged iron set (4-GW) produces exceptional feel and performance on every shot with precisely located centers of gravity an
  10. Just like Bob & Doug McKenzie would say: #57 - "Kooloo Koo Koo coo Koo KOO-KOO, Kooloo Koo Koo coo Koo koo-koo!" For those not old enough to remember, here ya go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0pPRaD6TKLc
  11. Its about time that 'Discount Shack' of yours receives some kudos. Well done Nic!
  12. Even if they have a US phone number you should still question their authenticity. Thanks to Google Voice, you can live in a third world country and sign up for a US phone number that you can have forwarded to any phone in the world for FREE! If you question a golf site for selling fake equipment, google their phone number to see if it might be shared by any other websites. You will be surprised! Example: Site: golfdiscount18.com Phone#: 559-474-4495 I then googled their phone number and here are some of the other web pages that contained that exact customer service #: golff
  13. We've got one here in the office: I used to have one at home that would house all of my practice balls, but I ended up giving it away. I know they can get kind of pricey, but can be a nice conversation piece for your office/den.
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