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  1. I’ve recently been working with a LHL grip and there’s been a marked improvement on course. I’ll stick with it but I don’t think it’s due to the grip alone for a few reasons: a) I’ve been practicing several times daily (up from 1-2 sessions per week); b) I forgot to use LHL in one round and the improvements remained consistent;
  2. I’ll try E6 later this week but I won’t be able to putt and I’ll be hitting at a range. One of the nearby courses has a net but I’m not sure whether the distances from Mevo+ to ball and ball to net will work out. If they do, I’ll post results (weather permitting).
  3. Some additional observations from my driver AoA training session with Mevo+ and FS Golf at the range today: It’s quite good at picking up shots! The only one that didn’t register was the one I almost topped so it saved me the time deleting the outlier. AoA readings appear for the majority of shots. Only 3 of 120 didn’t have an AoA value. Spin rate is occasionally off. There were 7 shots with “estimated” spin rates in the set. It appears to track the ball flight up to around 250 yards (or more). There were several occasions where the ball hit the fence and FS Golf showed the carry distance as the distance to the fence (I verified this with my rangefinder). Regarding the training session, I haven’t been this excited to practice in ages. Now that I can see the data and ball flight I can focus on improving launch conditions. By the end of my session the average AoA was +4 degrees. The highest I was able to achieve was +6.1 degrees which is a huge change from my previous average of -3 degrees. I felt like I had to hold back the speed to get comfortable and I could see that I was down 6 mph. Going forward I’ll start to work on adding speed while retaining the upward AoA.
  4. Mevo+ didn’t work so well at the other range today. Notes below: AoA values don’t seem to register correctly unless the Tee/hitting surface height is exact. The mats were between 1.33 and 1.5 inches off the ground so I had to choose either 1 or 2 inches in settings as there’s no option to specify fractional values. As a result the AoA figures were off with values typically ranging from -10 to -13 vs the normal -7 to -8. FS Skills didn’t seem to like the tee height and/or tilt as some shots were missed. Those that did register weren’t very good but it was definitely my fault. I’ll try FS Skills and E6 at my regular range next week and if weather permits I’ll try a net. I do find it a bit odd trying to hit virtual targets but I’m sure I’ll get used to it over time. At this point in time I’d say that Mevo+ is useful for practice provided that your typically hitting area(s) fall in line with the required setup. This means: 8 feet from Mevo+ to ball Either a completely flat surface between the Mevo+ and ball OR an elevated hitting mat that is either 1, 2, or 3 inches above the unit Feel free to post any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Note that I don’t have a net at home so I’ll be testing outdoors at the range.
  5. Adding some notes related to my experience with Mevo+ this week: Par2Pro’s customer service is fantastic though their website needs improvement. Mevo+ unboxing is marred by the cheap plastic wrap on the unit. My wife thought it was a cheap toy. Initial setup should be done at home using FS Golf app. I tried FS Skills first and had issues with the firmware update (resolved by launching FS Golf from another device). Flightscope support is frustrating. They didn’t reply to chat requests on their website and email responses only came after I inquired on Instagram. Mevo+ is very close to Trackman at the range provided that the radar settings are correct. It must be 8 feet from the ball and the hitting surface height has to be exact. Also, FS Golf requires the tilt angle to be 18 degrees - it will not display an error if it’s not, but the numbers will be off. An external battery pack is necessary for lengthy practice sessions or a day on the course. I’m heading out to the range to try FS Skills today and will try E6 on Monday.
  6. I’d prefer to go with a camera-based system as I will eventually use the launch monitor indoors, however the SkyTrak wouldn’t be my first choice as: It doesn’t measure Angle of Attack which is a must-have for me. Reviewers have indicated that higher swing speed players won’t get accurate readings. I’m not sure if this is still a problem, but I’d be heartbroken if this were still true. For reference, I swing 6 iron at 92 MPH and Driver is around 113 MPH. Given this, the only optical systems that appear to be viable are GCQuad or GC2. I can’t justify the investment in either of those at this time though I’d love to have the path and face-to-path measurements as well.
  7. Thanks, I’m likely to try Mevo+ as I can return or sell it if it doesn’t work out at my range. Regarding AoA measurement, I hit off of mats the majority of the time and I have trouble seeing ball flight from more than 160 yards out. This means that I need a launch monitor that measures AoA to practice effectively using anything longer than an 8 iron. For context, my AoA with irons averaged -7.5 and the driver was -4.5 in a recent Trackman session. I’d like to get the driver to neutral/positive and the irons to -4 (ish). Doing so should improve my long game, which is my biggest weakness despite my swing speed.
  8. Hi Everyone, I just saw this thread so I’m hoping that someone can share their experiences with Mevo+ in relation to: Use at a busy driving range - do you ever encounter misreads due to other players and/or golf balls in flight? My regular range has small bays, just wide enough to swing without interfering with your neighbours, and it is almost always full. Measuring Angle of Attack. This is one of the primary reasons I’m interested in Mevo+ so I’d be disappointed if it doesn’t read consistently. Thanks in advance!
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