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  1. It is never the "indian" - But you are right - I think however that I am much better now, but because of COVID cannot get on simulator to check my numbers...
  2. Hi Middler (and thanks all for answering). Swing speed is 95-100 mph (however I have a really really short shaft in my driver at moment). I have a swing fla though, which I am working on, which causes me to hit too much up on the ball which generates really high ballflight with tons of spin (3000-4000)...
  3. Hi everybody I live in an area where I have no access to a decent fitting and am also not allowed to test clubs (remote Norway). Does anybody have any advice on how I could get a remote/online fitting? I have tried the mygolfspy driver fitting page, but was not 100% convinced to be honest. Many Thanks Daniel
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