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  1. I was walking and the two other people I was playing with were in a cart. We came to part of the course where the green and the next tee box were probably 200 yards away from each other. The two guys suggested I jump on the back of the cart and they would drive me to the next tee box. Pretty soon they were driving at top speed for the cart and they took a sharp right-hand turn. The centrifugal force was too much for me to hold on so I decided to let go of the cart and jump off. I jumped to my left but because my bag was on my right shoulder it pushed me further to the left. My body and my bag continued to move to the left but my right foot immediately was stopped as it struck a 6" high concrete curb. I laid on the turf and was about to get up but I realized I broke my leg because just above my ankle I saw the bottom of my right foot pointing outward ninety degrees from my leg.
  2. Here is my new set of clubs. I’m returning to golf after 15 years of not playing because of breaking my leg during a round of golf. G410 Plus 10.5 Driver Regular Flex G410 5 & 7 Fairways Senior Flex G410 5 & 6 Hybrids Regular Flex G410 6-UW Irons Glide 3.0 55 & 60 Wedges 2021 Fetch Putter
  3. If you don’t have a Link you can also set the flag position by using Siri.
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