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  1. I agree with you. Alabama pretty much tried to hire only Bryant disciples for decades, hit on one for a few years with Stallings but finally had to say “get the best guy possible with zero input from boosters” and lured Saban away. Rest is history as they say.
  2. Long day at work so poured a little Casamigos Anejo on the rocks.
  3. Thanks for the advice. Honestly we are doing cheapest accommodation possible so not expecting much there. Just want to play great golf all weekend. Playing all 5 courses plus another on the way in. Would love to know your thoughts on restaurants in the area also!
  4. Guys, got home today and I was correct, the net is here! Solid packaging and super easy to open/setup. Tear down was a little tougher but seems like this is made more for a semi permanent setup. First impression this seems really durable especially where the ball is hit. FullSizeRender.mov Of course I will give much more info/pictures in the review but wanted to give a sneak preview! Hoping to try indoor testing as well!
  5. I think mine came in today but I’m out of town till Sunday. Will give an update then!!
  6. I will absolutely be doing a review of the place on here. Only downer is we have to wait 7 months before the trip now!! Ha.
  7. Ended up booking it for last weekend in April. Can’t wait!!
  8. Played in a scramble Monday that supports former U of AL players in need and provides athletic scholarships as well. Got to play at The Ledges club in Huntsville, AL. One of the prettiest courses I’ve ever seen and played. Scramble was pretty straightforward, everyone was allowed one mulligan but that’s it. No throws, strings, or gimmicks. Course was in immaculate shape with great views. I drove it very well besides the first two holes (borrowed @Mtbryant01 Cobra driver, it’s legit). Approaches were off and made two long putts but had a couple not great efforts putting too. Team score was 62 and had a great day all around. RTR!!
  9. Played in the annual “Play for Pink” tournament that supports DCH Hospital’s Brest cancer foundation at Indian Hills Country Club in Tuscaloosa today. Really fun scrabble tournament for a great cause at a really fun course. They are a customer of mine so work payed for my team. Shot -16 under on the day, highlighted by a wedge from about 60 yards that was 3 inches from going in and a 25 foot putt for birdie on the fringe that I sank first up to putt. We all contributed about evenly shots wise so that is always fun.
  10. Man that green got absolutely demolished! How long do they think till it’s fixed?
  11. Interesting you say it’s the best you’ve played in HHI. Where all have you played there? Played Fazio course Labor Day and would like to go back and play more.
  12. Played Old Edwards today in Highlands, NC on vacation. Gorgeous course but also probably the hardest I’ve ever played. No forgiveness off the tee which did not help my horrible driving today. Shot 95 52/43 hitting 3 fairways (I’m averaging around 50% right now) and only 2 greens. Had 12 penalties!!! Actually hit irons/wedges well today besides a couple of shots, but most were on in 3 because of bad drives. Really fun day though with perfect weather after two rainy days and some incredible views these pictures will not do justice. I also was paired up with a former college golfer who could rip it. Was hitting 3 wood 275 easy. Had a nice 3 driving iron he could pummel as well which helped a lot on this course. Was fun to watch him play and pick his brain also.
  13. You are right, here it is: MyGolfSpy Experiences - Big Cedar Lodge | MyGolfSpy Looks like a great place to go.
  14. Anyone played Big Cedar Lodge? Planning a golf trip and interested to know how it is and if it’s worth the money. Seems really cool.
  15. I do not have a launch monitor personally. I may try and borrow my buddy's for the test, but kind of thinking through doing it both with and without to see if there is any difference. As for permanent indoor place, I have an area in my garage that I would like to keep it but will have to see about size. I think a part of the test will be how easy/hard it is to set up indoors and outdoors.
  16. Hey everyone, just posted my introduction for this review as we wait on the nets to arrive, please let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know about the net or want me to test! https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/20-test-in-progress-spornia-compact-hitting-net/?do=findReview&review=69
  17. I play all over town and enjoy playing when I travel. Never been a member anywhere. I really enjoy the variety and don’t play enough to justify a membership. Although I think being a member of a club would be fun, especially with tournaments/games they might do.
  18. Finally got to visit Hilton Head and played the George Fazio course mentioned above. Was really fun, challenging yet not insane, and in great shape (and no crowd!!). Only knock was they had aerated the greens about 1.5 weeks before and the greens were pretty slow, but in good shape and rolled pretty true, you just had to whack it a little bit. Would definitely play again though and would love to play the other two as well. Hilton Head itself was really fun and nice, golf courses on every corner!
  19. Played at Palmetto Dunes, George Fazio course. Was in great shape and course was basically empty from Labor Day crowd leaving. Didn’t play my best but still managed an 85, which in my opinion shows improvement. They had punched the greens about 1.5 weeks ago so they played much slower than they looked which was difficult. Driving and fairway woods were off but was able to save some shots with lower irons/wedges which is relatively new for me, so I’m happy. I’ve never felt so good with a 56* in my hand so I’m thrilled with that. Just have to get a little more consistent in every aspect and I can get in the 70s on occasion! Has been nice not touching 90 last few rounds!
  20. Yes it is a fun course, about medium challenge wise in my opinion but in a beautiful area abs in great shape. Best part is it’s only $40 with cart after 12!
  21. Got a glass of Quiet Man Irish whiskey on the rocks tonight watching some college football!
  22. Played Ballantrae Golf Club in Pelham, AL just outside of Birmingham, with a couple of older men from my church. Shot 85, 44/41 hit 9/13 fairways and hit 4/18 greens. Didn’t hit a green til hole 15 then hit the last 4! Just was not doing well with the irons but got up and down a few times. Started to revert back to old habits but figured it out late. Drove it great, 3/4 missed fairways were first cut. No birdies and 3 doubles. Putted decent with 31, but only made a couple that were outside a few feet. Had a great time and the course is in great shape, despite being pretty wet from hurricane Ida.
  23. Yes, my good buddy is Ally Ewing’s brother, so I will definitely be paying attention even more this year!
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