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  1. Rough day today, shot 93 at Ballantrae. Course was soaked (even though it hasn’t rained in a week???) and greens were toughest I’ve played there. Hit 9/12 fairways (par 5 2nd they turned into a par 3 because it was so wet) but only hit 4 greens. Making good contact but not turning the club through it so I pushed a lot of balls. I also hit fairways but did not hit my drives as far as normal so I was hitting longer clubs into the green. Also had 4 3 putts whereas I usually average less than 1 per round. 

    Tough day but still encouraged by making better contact, just gotta straighten it out a little bit with more consistency and my scores will drop. On the bright side my new Cleveland 56* wedge felt and played great. 

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  2. 20 minutes ago, Tom the Golf Nut said:

    If you're a smooth talker you can try TPC Southwind. I got on right at the start of Covid. It's private but sometimes you can get on (pricey too).

    For public try Quail Ridge or Miramichi.  Justin Timberlake had something to do with getting Miramichi built or something like that. Good condition and fast greens. Very reasonable price for 18 with a cart.

    We looked at Mirimichi. Did you play there? 

  3. On 1/5/2022 at 8:32 AM, ChiefMikeOfficer said:

    Pulled the trigger on the Evnroll Black Friday ER11v (all black custom version, too bad they didn't have a blacked-out grip to go with it) -- looks amazing in person. They made a mistake with the first build on some of them, so they replaced it and also sent along some hats, a divot tool, and ball markers to make up for it (although for me the extra couple weeks didn't matter - season doesn't start for a few more months): 



    Also felt a bit nostalgic and picked up this gem off of Mullie -- just wish it came with the original headcover (came with a Ping fur cover instead):


    That putter looks sick…

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  4. 9 hours ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    Love it moved to ESPN+. Well at least I hope I’ll like the move. Will be getting rid of my NBC Sports Gold subscription. Hopefully there will be more and longer streaming opportunities.


    Do you know if it’ll be off golf channel now or just on there and espn+?

  5. I had a few written down: 


    - hit 60% FIR (got to 52% for the year, but last few have been in the 70s)

    - hit 50% GIR (27%)

    - 1.7 putts per hole (avg 1.8)

    - single digit handicap by year end (first year keeping one and am now at 10.5) 

    2022 I would alter these slightly and add a couple: 


    - keep hitting at least 60% of fairways and beyond as I have lately

    - get to the 50% GIR which is my weakness as you can see

    - continue to improve on chipping/pitching

    - 1.6 putts per hole

    - would love to get to 8 or below on handicap

    - beat my PR of 77

    - would love to upgrade clubs as well

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  6. 9 hours ago, Mtbryant01 said:

    You are making it sound not as impressive on your 30+ birdie. I’d say it was 50-60+ footer off the green up and over a hill left to right break with perfect speed falling into the hole. It was a great way to finish the day.


    I didn’t want to oversell it, as I couldn’t remember it perfectly. I will say it was probably 40%/60% rough/green. 

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  7. Played Ross Bridge in Birmingham yesterday, had a great deal going so took advantage. Was a little damp and misting rain first couple holes but around 70* so not that bad. 


    Only got 16 in due to a cutoff time with family and the two groups in front of us being so slow, but played pretty well, was +11. Given the conditions and how tough the course is usually, I was happy with that. Finished it off with a 30 footer for birdie from off the green, so that’ll keep me coming back! 

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  8. 12 hours ago, vandyland said:

    Really it comes down to some people are coming from Jackson, MS and Nashville, TN and this is just right in the middle. Birmingham does have a pretty good golf scene, in my opinion, but it is more about just affordable decent golf and getting away from our families for a few days. We have tossed around the idea of going to Old Waverly as well but Birmingham is just much more affordable, has more options and more non-golf stuff. 

    On Bent Brook, that was our backup if we couldn't get on Ballantrae or Timberline when we wanted. In the future, likely would swap out Timberline since I was the only person that really liked it (I shot like 73 out there so...yeah I was into it) for Bent Brook. Personally, I love a wide open golf course (width and angles is always preferable). Will definitely work that in next time!

    That makes sense. 

    if you haven’t been to Old Waverly, make the trip. It’s well worth it. Every bit as good as Pursell in my opinion. But it is fairly expensive and nothing to do around it at all if you want other things to do. 

  9. On 6/19/2021 at 7:53 PM, DoubleAce said:

    Playing three rounds in Birmingham at the end of October. Is it worth the hour drive to play Farm Links at Pursell Farms? Should i play Ross Bridge twice and one of the Oxmoor Valley courses or play Farm Links, Ross Bridge and an Oxmoor Valley?  thanks in advance for any and all comments.

    How did your trip go? Interested to see your thoughts.

  10. @vandyland

    I am from Birmingham, and I’m not a member anywhere so I play public courses all the time.  It is really interesting to see what someone from out of town thinks of “our” courses. Funny to think people come here for golf trips, but our golf scene is very underrated! 

    I would agree with all your sentiments almost 100% on this (not moving to Sylacauga anytime soon 😂😂). Like the RTJs but they are proud of them. They basically back you into a corner to buy their “trail card” which gives you a discount and rewards. But the prices are still high. They are a little more challenging/fun but the difference in price is not equitable. My favorite in town is Ballantrae (I don’t count Pursell, as it is an hour away and a whole different category of awesome. Rumor is they are building another course out there too 🤞🏻)


    If you come back, try Bent Brook. It’s an open course but can get windy which offers a different challenge. Always in as good of shape if not better than most of those courses. Awesome greens always. 

    Glad you enjoyed it, and here is your picture of the “turret” at Ballantrae 🤣🤣8A8D964C-654D-430F-AB86-C5BB91909C2D.jpeg.ef07c17ebedd0f7d42d0218e1fb1e302.jpeg

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  11. 5 hours ago, DaveP043 said:

    I've played TR 6 or 8 times, its always fun.  Lots of visual intimidation, a few really demanding shots, a wide variety of holes, and generally in great shape.  Some of the slower play is due to the greens.  Very firm and pretty quick, with some really significant slopes, its a recipe for 3-putts or more.  I believe that if the greens were slower by just a little, maybe 9 instead of 10 on the Stimp, play would move faster without compromising the challenge.

    Thanks for the reply. Definitely on my list to visit here soon. 

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  12. 5 hours ago, DaveP043 said:  There are certainly courses where 4:30 is an appropriate expectation, I just played one of them last week, Tobacco Road.  

    I just wanna know what you thought of Tobacco Road?!? Heard it’s awesome. 

  13. Played today, shot a meek 93. Wind was brutal and probably took an extra club if not two on each shot, especially approaches. Had chipped a lot better too but today chunked a couple. Was pretty damp from a storm last night but still not an excuse. Tough trend last couple rounds have been in the low 90s, need to get back to the 80s and beyond! 

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  14. I’ve got one, Par 3 version. Number 14 at Ballantrae in Birmingham. BF24A036-E334-440B-90BD-D6EA2CC3D70A.png.0041f4e3e0040a13361a61a0509021c6.pngPar 3 220 yards, water all down the right and bunker on the left. Obvious answer is to play left but the problem is if you are in the bunker, the green slopes down towards the water so it is hard to stop the ball out of the sand. 

    I tend to try and play it short to give a decent shot at up and down, but still a tough hole. 

  15. 4 hours ago, azstu324 said:

    A while back I posted a review on the Titleist Hybrid 14 bag that I got. It's been one of the best riding/stand bags that I've ever owned but with a MAJOR flaw that we all kind of discovered together, was that it doesn't fit most push carts. 




    Man someone else is dealing with this issue! I have a nice titleist bag and it doesn’t fit either. I have to rig it a certain way to make it ride. Thought I was doing something wrong somehow. 

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  16. Played Inverness Country Club in Birmingham. Shot 92, probably should’ve rescheduled because weather was pretty rough, but hey I love the game. Cold and rainy probably cost me 5-7 strokes. Fun yet quirky course with good greens in my opinion. 

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  17. On 10/13/2021 at 12:25 PM, Syks7 said:

    Wishful thinking.  Look, I will forever love Pete, but it's time for us to go in a different direction.  We've been trying to continue/build off the Pete Caroll era since he left and I think it's been much to our detriment.  The program was flashy and fun, but it's created a situation where we're now recruiting too many kids with too much ego, not enough work ethic, and no discipline.  We need a coach that can shift the culture and Pete isn't that guy anymore.

    I agree with you. Alabama pretty much tried to hire only Bryant disciples for decades, hit on one for a few years with Stallings but finally had to say “get the best guy possible with zero input from boosters” and lured Saban away. Rest is history as they say. 

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