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  1. It is interesting that this net is being touted as being bigger as I personally thought the SPG-7 was pretty large. The roof thing was a hassle but not too bad, I never left mine up anywhere or the roof rod in. 

    I can try and get measurements at some point also. 

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  2. Got this net out again today as it was great weather and had some time. Working on just short swings with good supination of the left forearm and good impact. Also worked on driver impact as that struggled last time I played (still hit a good many fairways, just put way too much spin on the ball). 

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  3. I’ve been able to use it once or twice but the weather has not been cooperative lately here. I have set it up in the garage before but it’s tough to hit anything over a wedge in there. Hopefully it’ll warm up here soon. 

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  4. Finally got back in town and was able to use the net with my “contact stickers” which I’d never used before. Gives good feedback and made the net more fun in my opinion. Still trying to just focus on short swings with good fundamentals and solid contact. 3C6C3906-7AAF-4C03-8CB1-40EC0C0C9A22.jpeg.9978ce140952a19f09d2e2b6ee957e36.jpegE6362224-1691-43EF-B4A1-D06FB4DBAFD6.jpeg.26565ab878248553f47d8938e816d983.jpegE3362BB0-B849-4EDC-B40F-F8FB21A52B04.jpeg.0e84382602f5a647d42f274336ee2c25.jpeg

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  5. On 12/19/2021 at 6:02 AM, revkev said:

    What drills are you doing? The one my instructor gave me is so simple - 


    make little swings without the ball and brush the mat, then do the same thing with the ball until making full swings. Like you it seems to work although I’ve had very little time on the course or even full range. 

    Just taking smaller swings with just my hands and focusing on solid impact with wrist delofted or bowed if that makes sense. I was using way too much body and a long backswing so that’s semi specific to me, but it’s finally starting to kick in. 

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  6. I wanted to give an update as well. I mentioned in the review I had not seen much improvement on course from the net. However I have played since then and I can say that is not true any longer, at least for a short sample size. 

    I had really worked on pure contact with the net and it paid off yesterday. Made much better contact and was even able to shape the ball decent some. Will continue to do the same drills in the net and see how that correlates to the course. 

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  7. Used it again today. I actually timed how long it took to put up and take down, I think I’ll do that a few times and take the average for the test. 

    Also tried to hit it as hard as I can a lot today, to see if I could get the ball to bounce back at all off the “deadening” target. Zero luck there, it’s built well! 

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  8. 3 hours ago, Thin2win said:

    So for you all testers, is this net in the goldilocks range? I. E. It isn't too small, it isn't too big, it's sized just right. 

    I think it is a great size. Only thing I do not love about it is the lip at the top that you have to put a rod in and out. I'm going to steal @TR1PTIK photo here to show you what I mean:



    When hitting a wedge, this does protect it from going over, however instead of it dying it sort of shot back at me unlike other clubs. Plus it takes about 2x the amount of time to set up and take down as the rest of the net. 


    But this is a long answer to say, yes I think the size of the net is great. If you have a basement/garage with a fairly tall ceiling it is great for indoors. I was able to hit irons in my garage. And of course for outdoors it is perfect. 



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  9. Got to use this bad boy some more today (with a little helper too) and I used it inside since it’s raining today. Tried it in my basement first: C2F1430D-2CA9-41FD-B8E7-6CD514D40B8D.jpeg.4dee666b578c24503767dfa6a90073db.jpeg


    Only issue there is not enough room for a full swing. So I put it in my garage and for irons I can swing freely: 

    My little helper then got confused with the sport I am practicing… 


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  10. Guys, got home today and I was correct, the net is here! Solid packaging and super easy to open/setup.822D0E5C-5002-48DF-942D-4E58D489F779.jpeg.c9c694caa19f9bb74f88ece06dd6dd0f.jpeg Tear down was a little tougher but seems like this is made more for a semi permanent setup.  First impression this seems really durable especially where the ball is hit. 6F99E1D2-83FA-4DDC-B359-9083B3850F10.jpeg.5226425c12ad615a1e66a4c9e2fd8c19.jpeg


    Of course I will give much more info/pictures in the review but wanted to give a sneak preview! Hoping to try indoor testing as well! 

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  11. On 9/18/2021 at 9:43 AM, sirchunksalot said:

    Any of you testers have a launch monitor you're going to use in conjunction with the Spornia? I'm pretty positive I know @revkev has one, but I can't remember if I've heard that any of the rest of you do. 

    Also, do any of you have a permanent indoor place your going to keep the net up or are you going to be putting it up and taking it down often? 


    I do not have a launch monitor personally. I may try and borrow my buddy's for the test, but kind of thinking through doing it both with and without to see if there is any difference. 


    As for permanent indoor place, I have an area in my garage that I would like to keep it but will have to see about size. I think a part of the test will be how easy/hard it is to set up indoors and outdoors. 

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  12. On 8/28/2021 at 10:56 AM, revkev said:

    I knew someone would ask this a  “Premium Pro,” mat. I purchased on Amazon Prime it based on comments. I got a 20 percent discount using my discover card.


    It’s the right size - 3 by 5, has a foam backing - got great comments for durability and not leaving a mark on clubs and under $100 - just what I was looking for. 

    I think that I can set up a station in my back yard that’s shaded, has room for the net and to set up my rapsodo - because it’s shaded the grass is not great so I won’t mind damaging it with the mat. It’s also next to my utility shed for easy storage. 

    I may look into that. I have a small mat for chipping but may need to upgrade. 

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