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  1. I did not know Valley opens 10/1, good to know.
  2. Also, FYI one of the two Oxmoor Valley courses is closed right now and I do not think it’ll be open by October, so the other course might be pretty crowded.
  3. Farmlinks is definitely worth it. How long will you be in town? I would personally not play Ross Bridge twice. Might consider Ballantrae as well as if it’s a weekday can play for $40 after noon and it’s a great course. I agree with the person who said the Montgomery RTJs are better than Birmingham. The RTJs in Bham are nice and challenging but for what you pay it is not worth the money in my opinion. I will say last time I played there the greens were the best I’ve seen, that was around April. Bent Brook is also very good but there is not anything unique about it. I will say I live here so my opinion may be skewed slightly because of that. However, moral of the story is make sure you play farmlinks!
  4. It’s getting dusty in here… that’s a great story, saying a prayer for them and rooting for him this week.
  5. I’d agree on the last sentence. More distance is great but accuracy, especially in 6 iron beyond, is much more important. I have some really old top flite irons so I’m playing with the lowest of the low. Just what my parents bought me for Xmas when I started playing in college. So looking to upgrade. Not familiar with the 0211s, were they bad?
  6. So my daughter is 3 years old, so pretty much just hanging out is fun to her ha. One thing I did was go with my buddy who also has a 4 year old daughter, which they enjoyed.
  7. Glad to hear you like the Mavriks. I am looking semi long term about upgrading my irons and have eyed those, what made you pick them?
  8. Played 9 at Frank House Municipal in Bessemer, AL today. An absolute goat track, but a great place to take your daughter for her first time on a golf course. Shot a 41 but really wasn’t taking it seriously, just having some fun with my oldest daughter and hoping she catches the bug someday! I did putt about 60 feet for birdie off the green without even lining it up, so that was fun. IMG_2674.MOV
  9. Thank you! I live in Alabama so we are used to the gulf, so the Atlantic beach will be a fun change of scenery. Thank you! Couple of people have said old south.
  10. Thank you! Have not seen old south much will need to check it out!
  11. Awesome, thank you for the information! Thank you for the information. I have researched Palmetto Dunes the most but looks like there are a lot of Shipyard supporters out there too.
  12. I am going to Hilton Head with my family and another family Labor Day Weekend. Staying in an Airbnb right near the beach on the island. I have 2 kids he has 3, so needless to say we said we needed a half day of golf at some point. I am a 10.7 handicap currently and he doesn't play much golf, so we won't be taking it too seriously, but want to have a good golf experience too. I want some advice on where to play. Of course Harbour Town is an option but I am not really sure I want to fork up $350 plus for a round (maybe one day in the future), and the guy I am playing with definitely does not. My Airbnb is right next to the Palmetto Dunes courses (Fazio, Hills, and RTJ) so I thought about playing one of those. Have also seen Shipyard, Port Royal, and Oyster Reef. Also heard about May River and Old South that are right near Hilton Head. Just looking for a great golf experience for the best bang for the buck. Thanks!
  13. Played at Timberline today which is a course in the metro Birmingham area. Shot 82 42/40 (par 71), which for me is pretty solid. Had two birdies but also had two triples, which if those two triples are just bogeys that’s a 78. Not complaining though as I got to play golf on the company dime. Still having issues with driver control, but hit some great drives as well.
  14. Shot 86 today at Ballantrae in Birmingham, heat was killer. Should have done better, but I had the dreaded two way miss with the driver. 44/42. No birdies and 4 doubles, 2 on par 5s which is unacceptable. Good news is was able to putt pretty well to save some pars, but need to get better at short game to turn more bogeys into pars.
  15. Who else saw Phil with a rangefinder after his chip in on 5?? How is that legal?
  16. What golf spy is teaching me early is that I need to play golf in North Carolina soon! Playing Old Edwards in September.
  17. Both really cool. The bottom one I have seen before but am drawing a blank on where that is.
  18. I’m not sure you actually like golf if the old course isn’t on your bucket list!
  19. That is a beast of a hole on doubt. I’ve heard a lot about Tobacco Road recently that has me wanting to go play badly. Bandon Dunes is really high on my bucket list as well!
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