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  1. Intro: I was lucky to be chosen for a an instagram giveaway held by Golf.com and Claude Harmon. I was very surprised to see them DM me and le the know I won, but I was extremely excited. They gave me my choice of LTDx model, so I chose the 9* LS with the Tensei AV White shaft in x-stiff. My current gamer is a 9* Ping G425 Max with an LA Golf Trono 75g TX shaft, so this will be my point of comparison. My game: Over the past few months, I've had the opportunity to do quite a bit of work on my swing. I no longer hook the ball as often as I used to, producing a more consistent high, straight drive. I tend to produce too much spin on my drives, costing myself a good bit of distance. My swing speed tends to hover between 117 and 123, but I can push it up to around 130 if I really want to go after it. I've wanted to try something low spin to see if it could improve my drives, so this was a great opportunity. First impressions: I love the way that the driver looks. The black and orange colorway pops from the rack, but at address it is a more subdued matte black. It looks very similar to the Ping G425 at address with the matte black and turbulators but has a noticeably smaller head. This may just be a personal thing, but the turbulators always make me feel like I can get more clubhead speed. The head feels heavier than my Ping but not overly so. I set the loft to 8* in an attempt to lower my ball flight and kill some spin. According to Cobra, each -0.5* in loft reduces spin by approximately 450 RPM. On the course: I received the club on a Monday and would not have an opportunity to get on the course until Friday, so I took out my golf net and started to hit some shots in the back yard with my Rhapsodo launch monitor. The first thing that I noticed was the wide discrepancy between the center of the club face and the rest of face. When struck in the middle of the face, the ball explodes unlike any driver I've ever hit. The ball speeds I got were off the charts, getting as high as 191 mph. Compared to the Ping, I was getting 5-6 mph more on center strikes (basically within the circle on the club face). However, if. you hit the ball anywhere other than dead center, the feedback is immediate. Whereas the G425 max produces extremely similar feel, flight, and ball speed across the face, the LTDx LS lets you know exactly where each shot was struck and has highly variable ball speeds. The best comparison I can come up with is that it is the driver version of a blade: unmatched feel and performance on good strikes, but a performance penalty for anything not flushed. Though the Ping-to-Cobra comparison is a bit apples-to-oranges, it does highlight the extent to which a forgiving driver can help a player. That said, even the relatively poor strikes produced good ball speed and distance overall. When I was finally able to get to the course, I was able to more directly compare the ball flight of the two drivers. It was immediately clear that this driver produces a very low-penetrating ball flight, usually with a rightward bias. on the range, I noticed that I was losing the ball to the right, so I set the loft sleeve to the 8* draw setting and the flight straightened out to neutral/cut. I was unable to produce any large draws. Compared to the Ping, center strikes traveled around 25 yards farther. Poor strikes were approximately 10 yards shorter than the Ping. The flight was lower and required more club control than the Ping, which seemingly produces automatic high and straight ball flight. There is certainly a degree of risk-reward in choosing between the two clubs, but I felt as if I could club down to 3 wood on tighter holes and try to capture the increased distance on more open holes. I was not disappointed, as the club produced some rockets on the course. It played as a cut and was certainly a little more difficult to control, though that improved over the course of the round. It didn't look as if the club was producing very much spin, as each shot seemed to have a good amount of roll out. Final Impressions: Overall, I would recommend this club for golfers who are confident in their ability to make repeatable contact on aggressive swings. I'm not sure I am quite to the level where I feel totally confident with this club, but I will keep trying to improve my ball striking to get to that point. For now, I will likely continue to game my Ping on tighter courses and bring out the Cobra for courses that are more open and allow me to be less controlled off the tee. I would consider this a better player's driver with a lot of potential to give players more distance than anything else on the market.
  2. Intro: As someone who struggles with non-driver tee shots, I've tried a lot of different clubs on shorter, tighter tee shots that driver where driver isn't an option. My default ball flight is a draw, and I don't hit fades very well, adding an extra layer of complexity on dogleg rights. I was watching some guys on instagram one day and decided that I should try a utility iron off of the tee. After reading the MGS most wanted utility iron testing, I decided to go with the Sub70 699 pro as a highly-rated value option from a company I had been hoping to try out. My Game: As I said in the intro, I almost exclusively hit a draw. My club path is fairly inside the ball from growing up playing baseball. Driver SS hovers between 118-122 most days. I tend to hit the ball pretty high with more spin than I'd like. The courses I play in and around Athens, GA are either wide open and very long (UGA) or shorter and tighter at some of the local courses. The driving iron was aimed more at the local courses. My Order: I ended up choosing the 17* 2 iron laying 1* flat with a graphite HZRDUS black x-stiff shaft and a lamkin crossline oversize grip. The total ended up being $130 and I was told to expect custom orders to take 2 weeks. First Impressions: The club came well ahead of the estimated delivery date, arriving in a little over a week. The club came well-packaged in a box filled with a handwritten note from the owner, a ball marker, and some stickers. The club was bubble-wrapped and in perfect condition. The club itself is beautiful. It is a muted satin finish with clean lines. The club doesn't appear to be too bulky while standing over the ball. On the Course: As soon as I got the club, I had to go to the course and test it out. On the range, I immediately noticed the difference in ball flight the club gave me. The ball was a lower, left-to-right fade ball flight that complimented the rest of my bag perfectly. The club provides good feedback, as I could tell almost exactly where I hit every shot based on the feel. The sound is a muted thwack, giving the impression that the club head is very solid. It does not feel any heavier than a normal iron, as I felt like I could take an aggressive swing with it every time I stepped up. On the course, the club played exactly as it seemed it would on the range. The distance settled in somewhere around the 5-wood range off the tee, though this was with me taking very aggressive swings. The most notable performance aspect was that mishits from low on the face still did quite well, producing a very straight, low ball flight with ample run out, staying in the air long enough to help cancel out some of the mishit. The club has stayed in my bag for the past two months now and has consistently performed this way. Of note, the only time I use this club is off of the tee as I have not found myself in many situations where I would use this club from the fairway. Final Impressions: Overall, I would recommend this club as a great value option. I have not ever hit other utility irons to compare it to, but compared to the hybrids I have replaced with this club, this is perfect for someone who desires a more tee-oriented club that will not produce high hooks. For the price, I would be hard-pressed justifying other utility irons over this one, especially if it is your first time trying to put one in your bag. This club costs about half of what other highly-rated utility irons do and still offers quality club construction, good shaft options, and a large array of grips. Overall, this club lives up to the hype. 10/10 would recommend to anyone looking for this profile of club.
  3. I have been looking for a putter for a while, but I hadn't quite found what I wanted yet. I have a slight arc putting stroke, so I had mostly been trying different varieties of blade putters (they also suit my eye better) but I hadn't found what I wanted yet. When I saw the Sik face insert on the new Cobra putters, I decided to give it a try. Although I was told the putter wouldn't be available to ship until June 4, I ended up getting it more than a week early! The putter shipped across the country in a few days and came in immaculate packaging. Since I got the putter, I have had the opportunity to play four rounds with it. Here's my impression so far: Sik Insert: The descending loft face insert is no joke. No matter where I'm putting from, I feel like I get a consistent roll. The sound is a solid click and the feel is very consistent across the face. I find that I have very consistent performance in a variety of conditions, no matter if I'm playing on the university course or the local public course. I would rate the face on the firmer side of the insert spectrum, which I like. Short putts: I was a fan of the Lamkin grip installed on this putter. I feel like it has sufficient tack while remaining soft to allow you to feel like you've got complete control of the face, which is very useful inside ten feet. I've noticed no twisting of the club face on less than perfect strikes. At least so far, I feel like the putter has helped me move from average on short to medium-range putts to above average. Long putts: The head feels light in my hands, making it easy to feel like I have good control over the speed of my putt. I didn't notice any skipping or jumping of the golf ball on long putts or putts from the fringe. I feel extremely confident that I will get a similar result every time I putt with this, which helps immensely in lining up putts from farther away, where smaller differences are amplified. Over the course of my last few rounds, I felt like I could really go at the hole instead of settling for "close enough". Looks: Definitely a personal preference, but I think the putter looks great. The yellow trim is tastefully done, and I'm a fan of the Lamkin grip design. it all flows well together. I know some people have asked about possible black shaft options in the future, but I personally like the way the chrome shaft looks at address.
  4. Just had mine come in today, more than a week early! Extremely happy with how fast it got here and how well it was packaged and handled. I play a round with it tomorrow and could not be more excited
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