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  1. I have been looking for a putter for a while, but I hadn't quite found what I wanted yet. I have a slight arc putting stroke, so I had mostly been trying different varieties of blade putters (they also suit my eye better) but I hadn't found what I wanted yet. When I saw the Sik face insert on the new Cobra putters, I decided to give it a try. Although I was told the putter wouldn't be available to ship until June 4, I ended up getting it more than a week early! The putter shipped across the country in a few days and came in immaculate packaging. Since I got the putter, I have had the opportunity to play four rounds with it. Here's my impression so far: Sik Insert: The descending loft face insert is no joke. No matter where I'm putting from, I feel like I get a consistent roll. The sound is a solid click and the feel is very consistent across the face. I find that I have very consistent performance in a variety of conditions, no matter if I'm playing on the university course or the local public course. I would rate the face on the firmer side of the insert spectrum, which I like. Short putts: I was a fan of the Lamkin grip installed on this putter. I feel like it has sufficient tack while remaining soft to allow you to feel like you've got complete control of the face, which is very useful inside ten feet. I've noticed no twisting of the club face on less than perfect strikes. At least so far, I feel like the putter has helped me move from average on short to medium-range putts to above average. Long putts: The head feels light in my hands, making it easy to feel like I have good control over the speed of my putt. I didn't notice any skipping or jumping of the golf ball on long putts or putts from the fringe. I feel extremely confident that I will get a similar result every time I putt with this, which helps immensely in lining up putts from farther away, where smaller differences are amplified. Over the course of my last few rounds, I felt like I could really go at the hole instead of settling for "close enough". Looks: Definitely a personal preference, but I think the putter looks great. The yellow trim is tastefully done, and I'm a fan of the Lamkin grip design. it all flows well together. I know some people have asked about possible black shaft options in the future, but I personally like the way the chrome shaft looks at address.
  2. Just had mine come in today, more than a week early! Extremely happy with how fast it got here and how well it was packaged and handled. I play a round with it tomorrow and could not be more excited
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