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  1. I’ve hit a bunch of different premium shafts over the years and never seen real improvement over the stock shaft. Maybe 5 yards in distance or dispersion. Then fujikura released the Ventus Velocore line and now I’m never going back. That shaft is better for me in any driver head you give me by a substantial margin. I can hardly believe sometimes just how much is knocks my dispersion down when I hit other clubs.
  2. That’s a great question. The sweet spot definitely has that same muted sound. When I miss the face it sounds more like a “click” but it’s probably just a personal opinion. I’m confident there’s a difference in the sound between the sweet and the rest of the face though.
  3. More of the same from me as well. Got fit and the er11vx was the best of the large mallets that all fit me pretty well. Something about it just wants to stay square for me and gives confidence over the ball. I will say the sound took some getting use to coming from an odyssey insert.
  4. Asking $300 Callaway Rogue ST Pro 3 Hybrid w/ Blue Velocore HB9X Used for ~15 rounds. In great condition just doesn’t work with my gapping at the top of the bag.
  5. A benefit I haven’t heard discussed yet and the reason I carry one is some days I struggle to find my driver swing but my iron swing is in a great spot. Having my u500 allows me mentally to feel confident I can’t still find the middle of the fairway if need be.
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