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  1. You answered you own question....right? Your scorecard doesn't give a DAMN of how pretty you were tee to green If you cant let it go. For gods sake get 2 lessons w the driver
  2. Please keep us up to date on Club Champion fitting. Im interested
  3. I have not lusted over a set of blades like this for over 20 years.... What is the backlog? Will they arrive on my porch in 2025?
  4. For $9 ..... Thats right, less than a happy meal you can have access to the database from MGS at www.truegolffit.com... Well that is what I paid. It will give you 2 club choices based on insane amounts of data. That is a great place to start. I bought a hogan GS53 Max..... PS - guess what ... I got fat during rona and I need to go get a lesson to dial it in.... its not the hammer its the carpenter. Summation: www.truegolffit.com and a lesson
  5. Who do I send my Transaction ID to in order to Receive my DONOR Badge???? KapTx86
  6. I had to ask the same question.... Kinesthetic feel player.... (which means I can replay it in my mind and feel it....) Damn that hurt
  7. Have you tried the https://truegolffit.com/ ? It uses MGS data and fits you based on your specs and millions of data points for $9. It put me into a Hogan GS53 Max. I was surprised at the recommendation and I bought it.... and then I hit it. OMG. Anyway nice to have a tool that will crunch the data for you. Good luck
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