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  1. You answered you own question....right? Your scorecard doesn't give a DAMN of how pretty you were tee to green If you cant let it go. For gods sake get 2 lessons w the driver
  2. If I am going to have a caddy... He better be able to look up at me ...with that... what are you stupid? look when I make a wrong club selection... and make me put it back in the bag
  3. Please keep us up to date on Club Champion fitting. Im interested
  4. I have not lusted over a set of blades like this for over 20 years.... What is the backlog? Will they arrive on my porch in 2025?
  5. For $9 ..... Thats right, less than a happy meal you can have access to the database from MGS at www.truegolffit.com... Well that is what I paid. It will give you 2 club choices based on insane amounts of data. That is a great place to start. I bought a hogan GS53 Max..... PS - guess what ... I got fat during rona and I need to go get a lesson to dial it in.... its not the hammer its the carpenter. Summation: www.truegolffit.com and a lesson
  6. Today is the last day for the Lottery that true golfers care about.... 1 time baby~~~~
  7. Congratulations @fozcycle @CWilson216 @MsFitz @Dragon3 It must be the shoes.....
  8. Who do I send my Transaction ID to in order to Receive my DONOR Badge???? KapTx86
  9. I became a MyGolfSpy Donor Today!!! Give me a much better chance at becoming a tester AND Supports a great organization for golfers!!!!
  10. I had to ask the same question.... Kinesthetic feel player.... (which means I can replay it in my mind and feel it....) Damn that hurt
  11. CONGRATULATIONS @KCLeo12 @Berg Ryman @jddaigneault @TxTwinDad+2 Enjoy your new drivers!!!
  12. Have you tried the https://truegolffit.com/ ? It uses MGS data and fits you based on your specs and millions of data points for $9. It put me into a Hogan GS53 Max. I was surprised at the recommendation and I bought it.... and then I hit it. OMG. Anyway nice to have a tool that will crunch the data for you. Good luck
  13. These guys are data driven... I absolutely LOVE my driver
  14. Is my apparel starting to catch up with my golf game???
  15. Choose me and I will get an ipad... That would be an awesome Test Just got the Hogan GS53 Max.... New Irons coming....Perfect Timing
  16. So of course, after I use TrueGolfFit... https://truegolffit.com (mygolfspy data used to recommend drivers for you for $9 vs a fitting? No Brainer) which surprised the heck out of me with their recommendation for a new driver.... For my birthday I bought the new Hogan GS53 Max.... Hasn't arrived yet... so Send me More drivers!!! I was already considering a full new bag of Hogan icons and had tested them and then the driver came up on the True Golf Fit. Cant wait!!!!
  17. Puttin is The One thing.... If you cant putt.... More practice, more confidence, more par saves, more birdies
  18. Aggie question..... Why does a 6 inch putt count the same as a 337yd drive? I'm being discriminated against.
  19. Congratulations Testers!!! Really interested in dispersion numbers
  20. I've got the drive for Show down pat.... need the putt for dough... Im in.
  21. I swing a little too fast for this.... 118+ Swingspeed ball speed 174+
  22. I absolutely LOVE this site
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