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  1. Tried a Ping 425 and now a Callaway EPIC LS 9 degree. Let’s see if the Sub 70 can kick both these out of the bag. Let the NEWCOMER PROVE ITSELF!!!
  2. Looks very interesting and would like to try them.
  3. Just switched putters to the VALE putter from BLOODLINE GOLF!! Let’s see how this mat helps my skills !!
  4. COSTCO has Kirkland golf balls for less than 1/2 the price of Pro V’s. They go just as far and get lost just as easily, but they’re not in the $4/each price range.
  5. Don’t know your age or swing speed, but as I have posted prior to this, XXIO is making great strides with their woods. I’ve been on a few par 5’s in two lately, and I’m convinced that it’s because of the increase in swing speed of the driver & 3 wood, both of which are XXIO.
  6. If you want the most bang for your buck, my opinion is the XXIO. You can get the 3 wood, keep your distance or even increase it due to the lightweight shaft and head of the club. I used to be a PING 410 guy, but now I have become an XXIO BELIEVER!! Driver & 3 wood have entered me into the longer category.
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