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  1. lol, who messes with the strongest part of their game? If it ain't broke, blah blah blah..
  2. I went spikeless last year, I have a pair of callaway and a pair of puma. They actually performed pretty well, although the white mesh callaways get dirty really easily and being mesh are impossible to clean. I put them in the washer but only did a halfass job of cleaning them. My biggest issue is the spikes wore almost completely off on the callaways and the puma's are about half worn down. I'm going back to spikes just because you can spend a couple hundred dollars on a quality spike shoe and use them for about 4 years, instead of buying a couple hundred dollars every year because you can't replace the spikes.
  3. I wouldn't have a problem with a $50 fitting if it was competent. My issue is with places like club champion that charges $350 for the whole bag and that's to sell you clubs. OK, fine, but then you pay 3,000 or more for clubs? Also,that's a lot of money for someone who has a good set of Callaway or Taylormade clubs that need bent or different shafts, etc. Your just paying for the specs and have to take them to a club smith. It only takes them about an hour and a half. That's a high rate for the amount of time. Then there is the cost of buying and replacing shafts and paying a club fitter for each club to set the lie and loft angles, shaft lengths, etc. I agree that if you are buying a 1300 dollar set of clubs, 500 dollar driver, 200 plus a piece for 3 fairway woods, another 500 or so for wedges and 250 for a putter as I did, you should get a professional fitting for free. Some of us live in an area that is at least 2 hours from a fitting facility.
  4. l buy about every 3rd year. I also play the Callaway Mack Daddy tactical wedge 52, and Vokey sm8 pw and 54. Not due to tech advances but the grooves wear down. I do use a groove cleaner which keeps them decent but there is a difference for me in distance control and bite. I guess the pro's change them out sometimes weekly, and every few tournaments at least. Oh to have that budget, right? Sometimes they do it for the different bounce according to turf conditions of course.
  5. Make me a believer, I'll try a pair cost free.
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