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  1. Yeah club was getting longer and I just tried twisting it and was able to close the gap with a little force. I think the epoxy was broken. Appreciate the help ! Thank god for warranty
  2. Thanks guys, I gave TM a call back and explained in more detail. Hes gonna send me a new shaft!
  3. sweet, i'm gonna give that video a look, thanks !
  4. Hey guys, new here. Hopefully this type of question is allowed. Got a Taylormade SIM driver kind of recently and noticed that everytime I hit it, this part (circled in red) would increase almost as if loosening. I tried calling TM support and they are sending a screw to replace on the driver head where the shaft meets it- not sure if that will fix it? Anyway, just wondering if this is an easy fix and if its okay to still play on. Thanks!
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