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  1. I am looking for suggestions or drills to help my hit the center of the clubface when hitting my driver. I am currently finding that I hit towards the heel and slice the ball (I'm right handed FYI). I have a slight in-to-out path but sometimes leave the face open so my natural shot shape is a baby fade but I'm slicing it right now. I try and scoot away from the ball but I guess I try and overcompensate and "reach" further and still hit towards the heel. Any help is welcome! Thanks
  2. Just wanted to voice my frustration. I ordered and paid for a new iron set four months ago today...$1,500 out the door! Because of the shafts they are still on backorder. I am not going to name any manufacture as it could be any and I'm sure everyone is going through the same thing. What is frustrating is that the shaft manufacture promised the shafts to be in several times now and keep missing their deadline. I'm upset about it and almost wondering if I should get a refund and try again next year...
  3. Need more information and pics on the TM Sim 2 please. I have a Ping 410 Max that maybe we can work something out on?
  4. I have on order some Srixon ZX7's 4-PW with a Cleveland 50* as my gap wedge. All +2 degree upright lie, 0.5" longer, and with KBS C-Taper Xstiff shafts. Can't wait for them to come in! Also just received a new shaft for my driver so hopefully I don't spray them to the right any longer. The new shaft is a Project X Hzdrs Black in Xstiff. I was gaming the Ping Alta tour 65 in Xstiff but during a swing lesson the slow motion video showed the shaft was "kicking" early and I needed a stiffer tip section.
  5. I was also told 6 to 8 weeks and the first week of August would be 13 weeks....Oh well
  6. Willing to sell the head only? Might already be sold....worth a shot!
  7. My ZX7's will be here next month (hopefully) I am pumped! Good looking gear my man
  8. My apologies if this has been asked before...I'm switching shafts in my Ping 410 Plus driver and was curious if I could haggle with a local golf shop for a G425 driver head only? I know I would probably have to pay a little bit of the difference but was just curious if this would be something they could do? The adapter I bought for the new shaft is the same for 410 and 425 so it just had me thinking. Let me know your thoughts!
  9. Yes sir it is the Ping Tour 65 in Xstiff. It'll be for sale when I order a new shaft...any interest? Lol
  10. Thanks for the input!
  11. Hello, first post so bear with me. I took my first golf lesson this past weekend and after some full swing drills with the 7i we moved to a quick driver tune up. I have a Ping G410 Plus with the Ping Xstiff shaft and was averaging 121 club head speed. My instructor was videoing me the entire time. I was missing left which is normal and then it was going further left...which is normal! However, when we slowed down the video my shaft was "kicking" too soon. My instructor said I needed a different shaft and maybe even have it "tipped". I'm not too familiar with the process but I trust him. He recommended the following shafts: Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver, UST Mamiya Proforce V2, and Project X Hzrdus Black. Now I need your opinions on these different shafts and if you have had any experience with them. I'm somewhat green still when it comes to golf but any help I can get I'll take it! Thank you
  12. I got fit a couple of weeks ago for new irons (currently play the Ping IE1's). Going into the fitting I wanted the P770's/P790's but after hitting both was a little underwhelmed with dispersion (my fault not clubs). Then I tried the Callaway Apex Pros and didn't like the clicky hard feel although I hit them better than the TM's. Finally tried the Srixon ZX7's and OH MY GOODNESS. Felt like butter even on toe/heel strikes. My dispersion was head and shoulders above the rest and my distance was very consistent even with a few miss-hits. Didn't take long for me to decide on Srixon! Now I gotta wait for them to come in...
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