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  1. I always take a practice stroke or two. I try to visualize sinking it before actually putting.
  2. Hey folks! I just found this thread. I've just started playing golf and was really struggling at the driving range. Seemed like I just couldn't move like I needed to. In March, the wife and I started logging food and exercise in MyFitnessPal. We are both down over 50 lbs each. My swing has gotten better since my belly is a smaller obstacle to swing around and I feel a ton better! I've still got about 50 lbs to go, but it doesn't seem impossible anymore.
  3. I played my first 18 holes on 9/12 with 3 work buddies at Stone Mountain Lakemont course. I bogeyed the first hole. Then I tee'd off on the second hole, a par 3, and I landed on the green! I couldn't believe it, my second hole and I could have a birdie! Of course, I choked on the putt but I made par on that hole. We all had a great time and keeping score was forgotten, so I don't know how I really did, but it was nowhere as disastrous as I had anticipated! I can't wait to go again!
  4. I've only just started playing; in fact, my first 18 was a week ago today. I wore my progressive glasses, but I've worn them at the driving range for almost a year. You will have to figure out how to hold your head when addressing the ball. I didn't wear sunglasses, but I have a huge bucket type hat to shade my eyes. I am getting lens replacement surgery, probably before year end. I've hated wearing glasses for 30 years now.
  5. I just got back from the PGA Tour Superstore where bought one today! I love it, it was my present to myself for losing 50 lbs, which makes golf a lot easier! This is only the second putter I have ever owned, but it feels great and I was sinking 15' and 18' putts in the store like it was nothing. Can't wait to get it on the green.
  6. 5 testers chosen. I'm sure only 3 or so people will even sign up, so my odds are pretty good!
  7. Oooo, oooo, pick me! I really need a new putter, mine is a 5th time hand me down that only cost $20 to start with.
  8. Everything in my bag, including the bag, is off the rack, and I mean off the budget bin rack! So I'd really be thrilled with any replacements.
  9. Hey almost-neighbor! My daughter is attending UGA and my cousin lives in Watkinsville.
  10. Yup, for almost 25 years. I think I'll stay.
  11. Hi everyone! How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I've only just begun. I've taken a few lessons, hit a couple dozen buckets of balls at a range, and I played 9 holes (very poorly). I'd say my handicap is currently somewhere between 31 and 500. What do you love about golf? Golf is challenging, yet kinda fun. I'm either really excited when I finally hit that great shot, or contemplating dropping my clubs off at Goodwill on the way home. I like being outdoors since my job is staring into monitors all day. I love to take a break from writing code or whatever I'm doing that day and get some fresh air and exercise. Everyone I've met in golf related activities has been very friendly and helpful. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I don't remember how I found golfspy. I think product reviews search results. Where are you from? What is your home course? Buford, GA. I go to Sugar Hill Golf Club and Chicopee Woods What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The humidity here is ridiculous! The heat can be oppressive in the summer months, but you can also golf most of the year. The bugs can be pretty bad at times. What do you do for a living? I am the Virtualization Architect for a major university hospital system in the Atlanta area. How’d you pick your user name? I used the one my parents gave me!
  12. Hi Kansas! The Mizunos have True Temper Dynamic Gold R300 shafts. I can get 100 with the Nitro 7, I think. My range doesn't have distance markers, so I'm guessing slightly. My problem is really getting consistent results. I know I'm still learning, but 20 yards left to right spread on 2 back to back shots that feel the same to me, seems like a lot if deviation. That is a really great idea! I was under the impression that having clubs fit to you was something I couldn't afford. I had no idea it was that reasonable! I'll certainly take a look at the Callaway X and the Ping G series clubs, I always assumed those brands would be out of my price range. Are clubs like cars? Drive them off the lot and they drop 50% in value? I think you are right and I probably need to use what I have until I either can't stand it, I come into a windfall, or I get to where I can get consistent results from the Nitros. Thank you! No over complications at all, that was a great explanation. Thank you for taking the time to write it up, I really appreciate it.
  13. Thanks! I've mostly enjoyed what little time I've had playing and practicing. Addictive and infuriating! I'll keep plugging along with the nitros for a while. The longer I wait, the more I'll have saved up too. Hopefully I can keep up the lessons and get in a few more rounds. I appreciate your advice, and thank you for such a warm welcome!
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