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  1. Good Morning! I am still in a bit of disbelief at my alma mater making it to its first Final Four last night. Apparently I am now headed to Houston this weekend for my first Final Four as well! Mondays don't get much better than this... Don't have anything going on Sunday in Houston, might have to play a round.
  2. Not sure why gentler is a good thing, a good Scotch is supposed to be peaty
  3. Hmmm, I have been toying with the idea of more data collection...
  4. Good morning! Its going to be beautiful here today (high of 76) and tomorrow (high of 83). Unfortunately, I won't make it out to play/practice. returned yesterday from meetings in NYC, have too much to do today, and tomorrow is my wife's birthday. On the literal bright side, Sunday is supposed to be sunny with a high of 77 so....
  5. Couldn't agree more with this. Testing is fun, but I look forward to the discussions (equipment, Tour events, spirits/cigars, etc.) and other engagement (fantasy golf, Tour event pick competitions, etc.).
  6. That hurt…not having all that much fun on 18 either.
  7. Ordered a Sun Mountain 2023 2.5+. Recently joined a club and will be walking as much as possible.
  8. Hobert

    Sub70 Putters

    Based on the quality of their other products, what I have read about their putters, and their return policy, I wouldn't hesitate.
  9. I believe Callaway runs it. I have purchased from the site in the past and have also been very pleased. Almost grabbed a like new Rogue ST driver back in early January when the price dropped to $325 for the configuration I wanted.
  10. I hear you. If this fantastic forum hadn't provided me such a great testing opportunity (Fujikura MC shaft with choice of Evnroll) I would likely have the Sub70 002 Mid Mallet in my bag. I have ready so many good things about the putters. Would be hard to find a better bang for the buck out there it seems.
  11. I'm with you on this (I guess I am largely on the way anyway).
  12. I play a 699/699 Pro combo set. Love 'em.
  13. Course appears to be playing much easier today. Rahm is heating up. Should be a fun weekend.
  14. My wife and I toured Maple Chase Golf and Country Club here in Winston-Salem yesterday. Not equipment, but thinking about joining.
  15. I am a fan ("fanboy" if you will) of their irons/wedges. No regrets with my purchases.
  16. And last year’s Z-Stars are now on sale as a result. Maybe its time to try those…
  17. For those that haven’t played before, it is a ton of fun. I had never done fantasy golf until I joined this league. Now I look forward to it as much as fantasy football.
  18. He looked fairly superhuman on the back 9 today
  19. Putting has been tough out there today!
  20. My first vehicle was a beat-up $500 '88 F-150 that was abused by a contractor and died after I drove it for 6 months or so. During spring break my freshman year of college, my stepfather and I pulled the engine, tore it down swapped out the long block for a rebuilt one and reinstalled it. I don't have pictures but grabbed a somewhat similar one off the interwebs (this one is in much better condition than mine was).
  21. I have an MLM that I bought used and like it. At first glance this seems like a very appealing upgrade.
  22. Because the "grass" is as thick as it is, it does a good job of absorbing shock.
  23. I bought this one and have been quite happy with it: https://thegolferspick.com/products/teestrike-champ-golf-mat-4x5?custom=Tee Turf Mats:
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