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  1. Hobert

    Sub70 golf

    I have been following that test for sure!
  2. Hobert

    Sub70 golf

    I finally had a chance to play a couple of rounds with my new-to-me 939X 4H in my bag. Love it! Rocket launcher!
  3. I was up and down in my round yesterday, but did hit my 56 degree wedge high and dropped it within 2 feet from about 40-50 yards out. Felt
  4. Miami actually gutted out a win over a decent NC State team. That made my weekend. We have Pitt next who has looked solid as well. Living in Winston-Salem, the excitement regarding Wake is all around and growing by the week. I think Cincy will win out and I think that should earn them a playoff spot, but we will see. It would be pretty cool if both of these teams made it for some variety.
  5. He then largely took the last 3 quarters off. Maybe I shouldn't have said anything...
  6. Landry heard us focusing on Julio and Higgins an decided to show us what's up...
  7. The Baltimore Pass defense is another factor, it completely shut down the high-flying Chargers last week. I can see the edge to Julio based on that if he is healthy.
  8. Both Julio and Higgins have played 4 games this season. Higgins has outperformed Julio in 4 games due to a couple of TDs. The chance of a shootout in KC does add additional upside. Its hard though with Tennessee's heavy focus on running the ball. Julio: 15 receptions, 263 yards, 0 TDs Higgins: 18 receptions, 194 yards, 2 TDs
  9. I hear you, but when you consider that Tee has had more than 3 receptions in 3 of 4 games he has played, it may also suggest more upside.
  10. Julio has only had more than 3 receptions in one game this season and he is banged up. I'd look at Higgins and Landry first. With Landry in his first game back and no Baker, I'd probably go Higgins.
  11. I'm currently at 5 different brands with respect to clubs: Callaway Driver/Irons Taylormade fairway metal Sub 70 Hybrid (new haven't played it yet) Cleveland wedge Evnroll Putter
  12. I know its only been 8 hours, and that you may be sleeping since it is early on the west coast, but we need an update! Trying to live vicariously through others...
  13. All the goods (MGS headcover, tee bag, and 2 boxes of 2019 Maxfli Tour X) arrived the same day! Headcover goes perfectly with the Evnroll headcover.
  14. Hobert

    Sub70 golf

    I know I shouldn't care about looks, and the 699s are probably the best fit for my lack of skill, but I love the looks of the 639 CB in satin and black, and strongly prefer the look of the 699 Pros in black over the 699s in Satin... Decisions, decisions. LOL.
  15. Congratulations to the testers! I look forward to your thoughts. I purchased 2 boxes of 2019 Maxfli Tour X from DSG yesterday to try. I'll be testing those in parallel with y'all
  16. Both excellent firms! I was with Kilpatrick Townsend before going in house. Yeah, you inspired me. I've been reading about the Maxfli Tours. When you initially posted about your purchase and the DSG deal, I added them to my cart but never pulled the trigger. Your post re the patent numbers pushed me over the edge!
  17. Decided to grab a couple boxes of the Maxfli 2019s as well.
  18. I've never listened to golf on the radio, but I can picture what you are saying. I used to enjoy listening to baseball on the radio. Living in Cincinnati in the late 80's/early 90's, I remember Joe Nuxhall and Marty Brennaman. They really could paint a picture with their words.
  19. Nice! I used to be a patent litigator and handle intellectual property matters in my current in-house position.
  20. Hobert

    2 today

    Happy Birthday!!!
  21. Anyone catch Ancer's double-eagle just now!?!? Amazing shot!
  22. Took advantage of the sale on the headcover and grabbed the tee pouch while I was there
  23. Hope all goes perfectly and you heal up quickly!
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