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  1. I enjoy darker finishes to cut glare. I had a SC Newport that I just could not continue playing due to the heavy glare from it. Same reason I use raw wedges. I even use dark finish irons in the Ben Hogan PTX pro. It’s a more durable finish than most. I don’t get to picky around the finish leaving as long as the glare remains reduced, but just my opinion.
  2. Pure midsize wraps. The GP 2G wraps can be a bit slick (as previously mentioned above), but have never had that issue with the Pure wraps. They appear a bit duller in color, so maybe it’s a material difference a something, but they do not slip ever.
  3. was playing a 7 wood and a 4i that were 1 degree apart, but with a 25 yard gap difference. Just put in a 23 degree hybrid to see if I can adjust that gapping and get a more consistent 210 club. This new hybrid will be only 1 degree apart from my 5 iron, but will (hopefully) gap about 15 yards. Loft number doesn’t matter, the shot and gappings do.
  4. I lost one off my sand wedge and one off my utility iron. The utility iron had a thick graphite wall up in the handle, so it never fully went in snug. The sand wedge though I have no clue how it fell it. One day it just wasn’t in my grip anymore. I play GP tour wraps midsize.
  5. Congrats testers. I’ve had my shotscope since their promo early this year(last year maybe?). The latest update with strokes gained has been amazing. Only down side I’ve experienced is losing a few tags from my clubs.
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