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  1. Got to ditto on this one: I'll also say that if box stores want to implement such a policy that they also better step up their game in the hitting bay - make sure launch monitors are properly calibrated and that your fitters are at least competent with stock offerings. If I "pay" anything for any level of demo, the expertise of the attendant better match or exceed the expense, because we ALL know what we get for "free". If stores cannot, or will not deliver a level or expertise, then I will just do it all online, with the manufacturer, etc and leave out the "what good is it anyway" store front retailer.
  2. I was fitted in ATL in Dec, and decided to go with the Bat Attack Gen2, it was delivered in around seven days. Played with it solid so far this year, only issue I have is it wants to twist clock wise from the weight distribution. It is a face balanced putter, but that clock wise pull it is a little to much for me, so I have been adjusting the weights in the sole, and have come up with something that works for me. I will have to see how it goes for the rest of the year, then make a decision for sure.
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