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  1. 15 hours ago, Gkami said:

    I think this is an important consideration where Ideally it would be a quick turn around (<2 weeks max).  Otherwise I need to make sure my old driver is handy as a backup.

    Good point. You'll have to have a spare handy. With Priority 3 day shipping each way and one day handling they should be able to get this down to a week.

  2. Funny seeing this as I just saw their ad on FB. It's an interesting concept and could be good for a driver Ho who's always looking for something better or just likes to try new stuff. It's economical if you eventually buy a driver from them because the membership cost goes toward the driver. 

       Might not be of as much value to guys in northern climes who would be paying for 4 months or so that they can't play. And I'm surprised they say that every driver they ship you will be new. That's a lot of used drivers they have to dispose of. I thought they'd just rotate the used ones.

       Could be a good option for guys who don't have a place to demo clubs.

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