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  1. Band-It elbow brace will do the trick Band-It - Tennis Elbow Support - Walmart.com - Walmart.com
  2. This was me to a tee. I used to play after work with my Dad. We would rush to the course to beat the league. To get loose I would swing my driver with the head cover on and let my arms collapse at the top to pull me a little more. It eventually worked it's way into my swing and really messed me up. Years later and I still overswing but not as bad.
  3. In fairness to the marshall, they probably don't get many 2 and 6 handicaps trying to play the tips, it's more likely 15's. So trying to get people to move up isn't that bad an idea. Once he saw them hit he should have left them alone, though.
  4. Rain gloves are likely the answer
  5. Isn't the sad truth about hi COR drivers the fact that only higher swing speeds can really take advantage of the higher COR? So while a 100+ SS will pick up the advertised 20 yards the slow swinging sap (me) who really needs the yards will get maybe 5? I've hit a .900 Cor driver and got nothing extra.
  6. Just the opposite, lofting down opens the face. But only if you then address the ball with the face square. edit: should have looked before posting. should've known this would already be addressed. It is counterintuitive at first. You would hood a club to deloft and keep a shot under a tree and open the face to add loft to an iron.
  7. Just bought a Cobra Speed Zone Extreme driver. One round so far and hit 10 of 12 fairways. Distance maybe a bit more than my M5, but it was wet so hopeful there'll be a little gain.
  8. I have one on the way, just wondering what the reviews are? Coming from a TM M5 if that matters. Forgiving, long, ?
  9. Adams started as an infomercial brand way back in the day. Going back to their roots.
  10. Then really, no one should bother posting any opinions about any clubs, because none of it is relevant. I don't disagree with what you posted above, there will always be outliers, but if I swing 85-90 I'm much better off considering opinions from other 85-90 swingers than guys who swing 110.
  11. I wasn't really talking about an actual fitting. I was more talking about guys giving opinions on clubs. If I say a driver is too low spin, for instance, it makes a difference if I swing 110 or 80.
  12. Then ball speed or something to differentiate between a guy bombing it 300 and a guy hitting it 200. If you're hitting it 300 nothing you say applies to me, but if you're hitting it 220 I'm all ears.
  13. Might be better to list your swing speed and maybe AOA when replying so we know where your coming from
  14. Thanks, that's a good deal. I used to be a Wishon dealer, let it lapse but was able to get it reactivated.
  15. Glad to hear nobody likes the G425, they should be cheap next year when I go to buy one.
  16. Totally agree. FW's hit is a very subjective stat. I play in a league that tracks FW's hit. So you pull one in the trees and bounce off the trees into the FW, fairway hit. You hit a worm burner that goes 60 yards but rolls into the fw, fairway hit. Then you purposely hit a drive left on a dogleg right leaving you in perfect position but it rolls 3" into the first cut, no fairway. I use something like Rob's stat. I don't count any lucky fw's hit but I do count it if I hit it exactly where I aim it even if it lands in the rough.
  17. Band-it elbow brace is the best for me. I've been using them for 20 years. They won't cut off circulation from long term wear. Work great.
  18. Especially in n on golf related areas
  19. Golf pencils, doesn't get any cheaper than that. I even saw a guy who had a case made to display them.
  20. If you're not worried about YOUR handicap, just play from what ever tee box you want on certain holes. Feel like playing a driveable par 4? Play from the forward tees on that hole. Feel like playing a mammoth par 5? Move all the way back. This works great on some courses where all the par 3's are the same general distance. It's bad course design but I've played courses where every par 3 is virtually the same yardage, like 150-155. That can get boring. Move around.
  21. And you're still technically playing a longer course than them. You're drive should be past their's so you have the same club in. If you drive it even with them they likely have 9 iron in while you have a 7 iron.
  22. I almost always play shorter tees when playing a bucket list course. I want to enjoy myself not get beaten into the ground. Plus who wants to spend big bucks to be miserable. I will move back on the occasional signature hole or one with a ton of elevation from the back tees just for fun. At 64 I try to stay at 6000 yards and under.
  23. I know it's not close to everybody but SOME guys using rangefinders can be slow as sh-t with them. I played with a guy who lasered the flag from 20 yards. I kid you not.
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