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  1. I can't imagine playing the same course over and over. I try to go to a different course each week and then play a rotation of 5 or so courses once a week with my BIL. I love going on a golf vacation where every course I play is new to me. Just did that in Myrtle beach in March. Do you lose a stroke or two due to lack of course knowledge? Probably, who cares? I love standing on the tee box of a hole I've never seen before. I do like the idea of joining a club though. It would have to have 36 holes though at least.
  2. I only wear golf specific shoes for the waterproofing if it's wet out or early morning dew. Seems if you're slipping all over the place, you're swinging too hard.
  3. And not one of them pays to have it done. If someone wants to do mine for free, i'd let them.
  4. Probably not a lot of component guys here but it's worth a shot . Looking for a Wishon 919 THI driver head 9* -11* with an open face angle. 9.5* -10* would be perfect.
  5. I believe they have a setting you can choose where they give you the distances based on a "premium" ball
  6. Originally got a UST Elements Earth shaft but had to send it back because it had the wrong Ping tip on it so I have a Ping Tour on the way.
  7. No, no launch monitor numbers. I'm probably more aggressive than smooth but only about 90 mph, so certainly not a beast. Any idea what the counter balance is supposed to achieve? Maybe that's the problem.
  8. Anybody have the specs on this shaft in Regular flex? Is it a soft tip shaft? High launch? I have it in my Ping G400 Max and I'm prone to some horrific hooks. I also hit some great shots , usually draws although I have the face open and the lie flat. I know, I know, user error but when I switch to another driver with an open face I hit zero hooks and no draws, just straight or slight fades. Ordered another tip stiff shaft but of course it came with the wrong Ping tip so I had to send it back.
  9. Other than driver, I have one and that's a stretch.
  10. I'd say the answer to the OP is "it depends". If you're a younger guy and you want to really get better and want to put in the time, then yes, get the lessons. I'm 64 , a 12 hdcp and pretty happy with that. Would I like to get better? Sure, but not at the cost of hours at the range. If I can buy a club that will help me improve , why not? Guys change putters all the time, update their irons, etc. Why not just learn to hit your old clubs better? We all buy new clubs to help our game and swing faults in some way. My problem is the opposite. I hit a draw and sometimes a pull draw that gets me in trouble. So I went out and got a fade biased driver with an open face (not adjustable) and now no matter how hard I go after it the pull just stays straight down the left side in a worst case scenario and usually fades back. Easy peasy. I have room in my bag to carry two drivers so might carry a fade and draw driver. All without having to change my swing. I usually lose at least 2-3 shots from pull hooking one out of bounds or at least into the trees where I have to punch out. If I eliminate that I just knocked 3 shots off my handicap without changing my swing at all. One other thing to the OP, you say your instructor doesn't want you messing with draw drivers? Couldn't be that if they work he's out some revenue could it? Just asking.
  11. Not sure I get the question. Are you saying you won't book a tee time if you have less than 4? I book a twosome all the time. The course will hook you up with another twosome if they're busy, if not they're glad to have your business as a twosome.
  12. I'm also playing the Dynacraft CB Prophet irons. Perform as well as anything, I'd say. At $9.99 a head (might be $14.99) they're a deal.
  13. I have tried the ultra light (175 gram) clubheads with an UL shaft at 47". Definitely was quite a bit longer for me and not at an extreme loss of distance. For the OP who is getting up there in age, might be worth a try. You do need to go down one to two flexes in shaft though at that headweight.
  14. I'm a 64 year old 90 mph swing speed player looking at the Cally Epic Max LS for it's fade capabilities. Is this too much club for me? I hear it's not as low spin as other Cally low spin models. What do you think?
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