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    Bushnell Launch Pro

    Can't wait for this to come out and be tested. More then enough info for me without spending the GC Quad money It would be a dream if it can pick up putting as well
  2. Built myself a regipping station October 2020. Since then I have added a laser line (AliExpress) to help match the first groove of the club head to the top of the grip. And the quick clamp (AliExpress) makes it fast clamping Its also been great for putter grips Once used I unclamp it from the work bench and put it away till next year. Think of Golf Pride Z Align grips and blowing it on for next season.
  3. I'm thinking about a U500 19 or 20 degree, i worry about the gapping between my T200 4i and 3 wood (15 degree) I do hit my 19 degree TS3 well, But, I was just fitted for everything Feb. 2021 and I keep telling myself just get out and play settle into the clubs and dont over complicate it by changing too much too soon. My golf course is short-ish and 5870m par 72 (6419yd) but super narrow fairways (Netherlands), meaning I really have to hit my spots.
  4. nice and clean looking, grass and rubbish will keep out of the gaps and grooves of on the backside of the club helping to keep it clean with a simple wipe. Im interested to see how it feels with the bounce change from heel to toe.
  5. An hour from south of Melbourne you can play at: Anglesea Golf Club (Kangaroos live onsite) 13th Beach (Creek or Beach) Torquay Golf Club (great hotel) Curlewis Golf Club Kingston Heath Golf Club (can be hard to get on) Royal Melbourne Golf Club (can be hard to get on) Good luck!
  6. Would love put this up against the old Bushnell I have
  7. I live in the Netherlands, and All the brands for Europe are based in England. I got fitted in late January ordered first week of February didn't get my set till late April. (Callaway woods, Titleist T200, Vokey wedges) My fitter told me the brands are not responding to delivery emails and Brexit has been a really big pain. At the moment i can't find anyone with golfpride grips in stock.... Just have to wait it out....
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