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  1. So i bought my Mav a few months ago and recently i was toying around with the settings (-1 +1, D etc..) i really dont understand the settings but every since i messed around with it ive struggled so bad. Drives all over the place . Im typically a slight to moderate fade. I ususally end up on right side of fairways and sometimes way to right lol but every once in awhile i would hit straight. Im very rarely a draw driver..so i started messing around with settings in hopes it would help. But now im more right then ever. I might lose one or two balls during a 18 hole outing. Now im losing 6-7 and embarrasing myself. Ever since i messed with the settings i cant hiot a good drive for how i typically hit my ball off a drive. I need suggestions. My Mav is 9 degree but looking for suggestions on how to set the rest of my driver for someone like me who hits average 260-300 yds with a fade to the right. Id rather hit slightly shorter with a less fade if possible. I know my technique will have something to do with it too but i dont remember what setting was default on my driver when i was playing well with it..help!!!!!
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