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  1. Figured it was time for an update. I've had a bunch of range time over the past month or so. I stumbled across Porzak Golf on youtube and his process really seemed to resonate. I'm trying to implement what I hear from them and think it is going pretty well. I've shortened and smoothed out my swing. I'm making much more consistent contact (still a slight push or hook depending on my club face control). I have lost a bit of distance in this process, but the gains in consistency seem to more than outweigh that fact. My take away is still way too far inside, but I feel like I'm in a good place at the top of my backswing and in the downswing. I'll try to post a video in the coming days of a couple of DTL swings. Golf is such a puzzle
  2. I'm curious how many people play in a league and how many play casual rounds only. I'm planning on signing up for my first weekly league this summer and would love to hear your experiences.
  3. @JFish350Thanks for the response. I'm leaning towards hybrid just to have some more options at the longer end of the bag. Cheers!
  4. This was from last weekend, but it was fun. My playing partner teed off first and just crushed a drive. I'd been hit or miss with my driver so I pulled my 3W. I'm not sure what exactly I did, but I wish I could do this every time. I hammered a high baby draw that ended up in the first cut on the left. I measured it out on 18Birdies and ended up just a couple of yards shy of my playing partners drive.
  5. Yeah, as long as there isn't snow I'll get out there and duff around (unless I'm skiing). Good to know about mulligans. I do appreciate the thoughts on this, it really is helpful!
  6. Very similar indeed! You know, I didn't have much problem adjusting to the less offset. It didn't seem to make much difference to me at all. I did the Sub 70 demo program and it was great. Once I hit the 699 Pro's I knew it would work. I like that they are somewhat aspirational clubs and should work as I improve my ball striking. I highly recommend trying them out! Good luck to you as well!
  7. It was so frustrating because I hit dead center to the flat lie... then just chunked it right into the creek.. that's golf haha. Hope you shot well! It was a lovely weekend out there!
  8. Thanks for the encouragement and the advice. I'll check out those books for sure. I really do need to put some more time into my short game, it's costing me a lot of strokes.
  9. This is a great idea, I need to get out and hit a bunch of approach shots.
  10. I played 18 on Saturday as it was unseasonably warm here in Utah. It was a very up and down round. A couple of brilliant holes and a couple of WTF holes. Overall, I need to iron out my consistency. I typically had at least one great shot per hole, but that was bookended by some total garbage. Hole 18 pretty much sums it up. It's a big downhill 450 yard par 4. There is a creek at about 300 yards so driver is out of the question for me (given the slope). I teed off with my 3U and just crushed it. I got to my ball with about 150 to the middle of the green and promptly duffed into the creek. Recovery shot was pushed right. I had a nice pitch on and a 2 putt. I just need to spend some time drilling the pattern that works (which I know) and build that muscle memory. Right now my bad shots are just way too bad. Fun game though, such a good challenge!
  11. When you say it this way.... it wasn't decent haha. However, some of my not GIR's are likely different than another (better players). I had some where I just failed to get up and down (puts or bump and run), but several are shots from 100 yds plus to get onto the green and then a two putt. Nevertheless, the point is well taken ... and I certainly don't get up and down very often.
  12. I got out and played 18 yesterday. It's been unseasonably warm here in SLC, so I was in shorts all day... which just felt strange. I finished at 99, which was good score seeing as how I've not been playing much. I had 2 pars and 1 bird. 6 bogeys and 9 doubles or worse (3 of those were triples). I hit 3 fairways, but most of the misses were in the first cut (or couple of adjacent fairways). I ended up with a lot of shots blocked by trees and or requiring a punch out, so that added up on the scorecard. Best hole was the 3rd. It's a pretty straight forward 360 yard hole. I ripped a driver about 290, nice 3/4 58* to about 8ft and rolled in a birdie. On the 11th, I hit a towering 50* to about 8' but slid the birdie putt past the hole. There were probably 3 or 4 putts I missed by a couple of inches, so the score could have been better. Worst hole was the 10th, I snap hooked a tee shot OB, reloaded and pushed it right into the junk. I recovered, but had a couple miss hits and ended up with a triple. The 14th also had a lost ball ob right this time. I hit 4 GIR and a couple nGIR. I totaled 37 putts (3 three putts and 2 one putts). My three favorite shots of the day. The tee ball on 11 (50* to 8ft). My second on 13. I missed my tee shot pin high right and it kicked down a hill. I had a flat lie on some packed mud, but hit a perfect flop to about 2'. I slid the putt by and took a bogey. My second shot on the par 4 15th was a gem. I teed off into the sun with my 3U. I pushed it off the toe and had about 195 yds over a greenside bunker. I roped a 6I and ended up with a 20' putt (3 putted). It was perfectly executed with a little cut over the bunker to the green. The short game was overall decent. One skulled shots, couple left short, but overall okay. I need to work on getting it closer to the pin on chips and pitches. It looks like I 2-putted after most of my chips/pitches so I'm not getting it quite close enough on those. I think I'm close, but still some things to work out.
  13. @JFish350 I have the 699 Pros in 5-AW and the 3U. I need to fill that spot where the 4 would live. I'm looking at a 4U, 4I or a 4H. Do you have any thoughts on your 4i and whether you'd like to change it to a 4U or 4H?
  14. At the Houston Open they set the tees on the 17th at 301 yards. Some players went for it and others (Matthew Wolf) teed off with a pitching wedge. It made for some good entertainment. https://golf.com/news/how-quirky-houston-open-par-4-star-teed-off-wedge/ Most of us mortals would just hit out into the fairway, so it doesn't make a great hole for this thread. But I thought I'd post it anyway.
  15. I totally agree with you. My timing has always been quick and I struggle to slow it down. I worked on some clock drills with my wedges today. I was able to get that in sync today and was hitting my targets really consistently (for me).
  16. Went to the range at lunch today and hit a bunch of balls. I shortened my backswing up a bunch, which helped with my timing. I also played with standing a little more upright in the knees. Finally, I worked on getting into the slot on the downswing. Overall it seemed to have a positive effect and I struck the ball really well. I played a round of virtual golf at Spanish Bay (the range has top tracer). For those that aren't familiar, you play as usual but anything inside about 25 yards of the pin you get a shot at holing out. This is done by taking a shot at one of the range targets (today's was a 62 yard). Depending on how close your were and your lie you are given a ring around your target (e.g within 5' is a birdie, 10' is a par and outside that is a bogey). I finished with an even par 72 from 6,700 yards. My drives were a bit wayward (but you never lose a ball haha). Approach shots were great and my 60 yard was on fire. I had 5 birdies, 3 bogeys and one double. It is obviously fake golf, but it was nice to hit the ball well. The highlight was the first two shots on hole 1. Drive was about 320 first cut left, then I hit a 6I 200 with a baby draw to about 15 feet. It was delightful. Anyway, encouraging day.
  17. Thanks @Ed Sthose are some good thoughts. I do need to put in some more short game time, it's costing me strokes for sure. Regarding the 85%, this seems to mess up my timing and things get disjointed. That of course speaks to some issues with my swing, but it is probably something I should practice. It reminds me of something I heard once. The only shot that your are really trying to hit as far as possible is the tee shot. The goal is to advance as far as safely possible. Once that shot has happened the focus shifts to distance control. A smooth easy swing with a less loft is often better than going hard with more loft. No sense in muscling a PW when a 9 iron is available.
  18. Thanks, I'll check this out for sure. I love the practical golf website.
  19. I haven't been out much lately, but did hit the range a couple times last week. I was working on getting away from the inside takeaway, but realized I was getting disconnected and causing a sway. Keeping my left arm attached to my chest in the backswing helped to keep things more in sync and the backswing shorter. One thing I've really noticed is that I try to muscle my swing too much. I get steep and quick when this happens and end up with a lot of chunks. If I take it easy and swing free I'm a lot more in sync (and generally hit much further). So, a big thought is swing easy for me. I'll try to get some video next time I'm out (tomorrow probably).
  20. I try to keep things more or less on a clock system and adjust the backswing based upon the distance. I sometimes get a bit handsy (haha) which lets to the inconsistency. My best short game is when I'm using the big muscles. I've been trying to get the ball on the ground a lot quicker (it seems more repeatable and controllable). Still a work in progress... evidently haha.
  21. There is a lot of truth to this. My playing partners are frequently amazed at how high my score is... given my swing.
  22. That sounds about right. This is definitely an area of my game I need to work on.
  23. It's definitely that I'm not chipping/pitching close enough to the hole (or leaving myself a tough putt). Some of it is just weird greens as well. Here is how today went: GIR: Really tough two tier green. 1st, left 5' back up hill. Finished 2" short on 2nd. approach from 50 yds to front of green (back pin) 40' from hole. 1st putt left short in the wet to about 10' 2nd putt to 3" Duffed a pitch from 20 yds, Second pitch from 15 yds onto the green, but left a 15' putt. 2 putt. Pitched from 50 yds to front of green. 20' two putt Really nasty two tier green (pin was on back/lower). Pitched on from about 10 yds, rolled off back. Chipped back up (off a severe uphill lie) to 5' missed the uphill putt, made comeback. Par 3, short about 30 yds. Chipped to 5' and made putt 58* from 77 yards to 8' 1st putt missed by 2" Chunked a pitch from 30 yds to rough in front of elevated green. Chipped past hole to back fringe. Tough 2 putt Par 3 (first shot ob, stuck second to 5'), one putt. I was really close to knocking down a couple of these putts, but didn't. I'm seeing two issues in writing this out. First, I don't lag putt very well on longer putts I need to leave myself better 2nd putts. Second, I'm really bad at pitching the ball. My consistency and distance control is poor. This leaves longer putts that I'm not making.
  24. Yeah, the penalty strokes always get me. I only lost one ball today, which was nice... Part of the pitch/chip shots is blading/chunking. Sometimes I simply just pitch from one side to the other (distance control issues). I have had a hard time lately getting solid contact on 50 yd shots. This used to be a great part of my game, but I've gotten really steep lately and it has resulted in a lot of chunks and leaving myself short of the green. I'd wager I lose 2-4 strokes per nine on shots left short from 100 yards and in.
  25. Played a soggy 9 this morning. Didn't hit the range at all this week, so I had some low expectations going into the round and was just hoping to hit some good ones here and there. Finished with a 55. Couple of silly mistakes here and there, but overall was pretty decent. Stats: 18 Putts 8 chip/pitch shots (3 holes with doubles). This is an area I can really cut down some strokes... just get the ball on the green with these. 4 penalty strokes was also a killer. 1 3u pushed into a lateral, 1 tee shoot into a big tree, 1 blade over a green into a hazard; and 1 pushed 9i on a par 3 (I did stick my reload to 5' though, missed the putt by 1"). Only 1 GIR and 1 FW Highlights: Stuck a 58* from 77yds to about 8' just missed the putt 2 really good 5i off the tee that ended up 220 ish Putting was pretty good on wet and slow greens. Only 3 putts were the first two holes Takeaways: If a club isn't working off the tee... keep working down until I find something that does. I was topping some balls off the tee with my 3U, which led to some long recovery shots. Should have switched to the 5i, which I was striping off the tee. I just need to pitch/chip to the middle of the green and then 2 putt. I almost always 2 putt (averaging 2.2 putts per hole over the past 24 rounds)
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