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  1. Yes, go to Golf Tech in Plano (not to be confused with GolfTec on TV). https://golftechplano.com/ They are great and Bo's knowledge is 2nd to none. No, I am not a paid endorser Bo Hodnett is a Master Club Fitter, Master Club Builder and the founder & owner of Golf Tech. Bo started swinging a club at age 5, igniting a passion for golf that he’s pursued through junior golf, high school, and college golf. His love of building was sparked while working at Hank Haney Golf Ranch in 1991, where he quickly learned the value of properly fitted equipment. He founded Golf Tech in May of 1999 with the mission to provide a customized, uniquely fitted set for every client regardless of gender, age, or ability. For the next 15 years his ever growing knowledge of fitting and club repair earned him with several club builder of the year awards, and certifications including Advanced Certified Rifle Certification, UST Tour SPX Dealer, Fujikura Charter Dealer, True Temper Professional Fitting Center, Accra Top 50 Shaft Technologist, Tour Concept Authorized Fitter, Fujikura Dealer of the month (twice), Fujikura Fitter of the Month, PFC Certified Fitter, Golf Digest Top 50 Fitter, and many more. His commitment to fit equipment to the individual golfer has allowed him to work with dozens of PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tour Players; hundreds of .com and mini tour players; and thousands of amateur golfers. Perhaps the greatest joy Bo has received has been from working with junior golfers. In 2015, he had 16 of the top juniors in the US KIDS World Championship, and 2 of the top juniors at the Drive, Chip, and Putt at the Masters that he had fit or built their equipment. Bo’s dedication to helping golfers lower their handicap through equipment is what separates him from the average club fitter.
  2. I put a SkyTrak in my media room with a 9'x13' impact screen/hitting bay. Works great! Use the The Golf Club 2019 for playing courses, tourney, etc. and the SkyTrak for range sessions and game improvement. All in was like $7K. If you want all the details let me know and I can list what and where I purchased online or you can hit me up via email.
  3. I just snapped my driver head off last week. The adapter broke in half on impact. I'm thinking the PGA Tour Store did not install the adapter correctly due to the gouging on the shaft. Of course they are saying no, blaming it on manufacturer defect. The driver head made a small hole in the impact screen then hit the wall causing a driver head size hole in the drywall. On the glass is half full side, I did pipe that drive right down the middle landing in the fairway .
  4. Converted my media room to a home sim during the pandemic. The room is smaller than I would like at 16'x12' with 9' ceilings but it works for me. I am 5'9" which allows me to swing a driver at full speed but those that are taller may have issues depending on their swing plane. I have a 8.5'x11.5" projection screen/hitting bay that I purchased from Carls Place. The mat is a SwingTurf from Rain or Shine Golf which is 9'x4' and is fantastic. No wrist pain and you can use real tees! The launch monitor is a SkyTrak and using The Golf Club 2019 for playing rounds (SkyTrak for the range and game improvement). My projector is an Optoma GT1080 short throw. All of this is powered by a PowerSpec G358 pc. Throw in some fake grass from Costco and you have an incredible golf practice facility for about $7k. I posted a couple of links below to help any would be future sim builders. Let me know if you have any questions on how to DIY. If you want to see a recent minor disaster (a driver head through the screen and into the drywall) let me know lol. Just finished fixing that . https://www.carlofet.com/ https://rainorshinegolf.com/products/swingturf-golf-mat
  5. Go take a lesson! I too was struggling and started posting rounds in the 90's and dare I say some crossed over into triple digits. I said enough and went to GolfTec and took like 10 lessons (this was my first time ever taking lessons and had been playing since I was 13 years old and was like 50 at this point). Helped me tremendously, went from a 17 down to a 9. I've been slowly inching back up again (at a 13 currently - lessons were two years ago) and so I decided to go get a tune up at a local course with Plane Truth Golf. One lesson and I was back on track hitting bombs and hellacious seeds - posting better scores and the handicap is coming down. The swing is way more important than what equipment your swinging.
  6. I use both. I have a Garmin Approach watch for getting my front, middle, back yardages as well as distance to hazards and to measure my drives. Then I use my Nikon CoolShot for exact pins and lay up distances. This is generally followed by a swing that produces a ball flight that fails to hit that number. I love golf!
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