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  1. New TP5....I was using the Vice Pro Soft for a long time and really loved them except for one thing... I didn't like the way it jumped of my putter face at times (very much like catching a flyer with an iron shot). So I started lookin again. The New TP5 feels phenomenal...and never jumps off my putter....So I'm a TP5 guy now.
  2. I appreciate those that made the constructive comments! Thanks Gents!
  3. I use my phone more than my computer. Easier to get on an App on a phone...then have to go through web browser. Just curious about it. If they aren't developing one it's not a big deal.
  4. Does anyone else Hope they are developing a My Golf Spy App? Or is it too much to hope for? If there is one, WHERE? I cant find it?
  5. BLUF: I think the Big OEM's bank on brand loyalty with a 6 month to 1 yr time frame and after that 1 yr have NO CHOICE but to drop prices and dont get much profit at that point. But it's coming back or going to come back to bite them. This might get long winded but bare with me. I cant help but think of the big pharma companies as an example. Everyone complains about high prescription drug prices. But consider the market and what it takes to create the products. $10 a pill might seem steep, but what did it cost to research and develop it $400 million and 5 yrs? And the market for a specific drug is going to be limited to only the people with the condition the drug is for. So how does this relate to golf? How much does it cost an OEM to research and develop their next tech advancement thats gonna give 10 more yards of the tee for a driver, or better feel and distance on a set of irons and what is it gonna cost to change their manufacturing processes and facilities to build it in mass? And how long do they have to get that money back and make a profit? My view is they have 6 months to a year tops! Why? Because in 6 months to a year the next big thing from the other OEM's or even themselves is coming out. So they have a high price point banking on players that already have their stuff, sticking with them (guy playing TM Sim...automatically gets the Sim2 off the rack because that worked so far.), and those guys that are gear junkies. But here is the monkey in the wrench. More players no longer buy off the rack...when $50 bucks gets u a fitting (and in most cases gets added to the club u buy from the fitter) you might lose that brand loyalty. Perfect example...my best friend just started playing with us in March...was using a used set he got from his boss...the old R1 driver and old R7 irons. As he got better (he is naturally athletic and scores 105 for 18 now...the bastard...lol) he started lookin for new clubs. He hit a guy's SIM2 one time when we got paired with a couple strangers once, and loved it. So he went on one of those "rent a club...buy if you like it" sites and rented a SIM2. He got the standard off the rack version, played a couple rounds and was ready to buy. I pushed him to take it in...get numbers...see if the loft was the best for him shaft was best for him, etc and test a few others just for the hell of it... first he found out the R1 had a crack in it! So now he has to get a new one. 1 hr later...He walked out of the fitting with a brand new G425 with a different shaft and loft....and loves it more. Sorry TaylorMade! So what does all this mean...the lowering cost of fittings...the fast pace of new equipment and tech innovations being released mandates the initial higher MSRP, for the OEM's to get the return on the investment. But that is going to change soon I think because they are getting TOO HIGH. Brand loyalty is waning in my opinion. I very rarely see players with a bag full of the same OEM/brand/model clubs. TM driver, Callaway woods/hybrids, with Cobra irons, and vokey wedges for example (except me...I got a bag full of PXG for $1800 thanks to the hero pricing...AND I LOOOOVE THEM). So that bank the OEM's count on wont be there in the future, except for those gear junkies that have the disposable income for it and gotta have the latest greatest (but how many are there of those). There is too much diversity in the market, and despite the games growth through the pandemic, it is still not a big market in the overall scheme (think baseball, football, soccer, etc). Golf is still kind of thought of as an older guy's (with high disposable income) game. So back to the BLUF, the MSRP's are gonna stay high, but with limited production, then prices will drop with a bit more production for those with less disposable income, as players start to realize that its better to wait (and cheaper to wait) because the latest greatest may not be for them. Thanks for listening...need to go catch my breath...lol May your drives be straight, your irons pure, and your putts in the back of the jar!
  6. My wedges are 45, 50, 55, and 60 and are gapped perfectly, but the 55 and 60 i use for only very specific shots. My go to for 115yds and in is my 50...i have the partial swings dialed in. The 55 is bunkers and short chips with little green to work with (my wedges and irons produce A LOT of spin). The 60 i use strictly for those times where i have to go high (over a tree, or on to an elevated green for example) from inside 50 yds or if i am very close to the lip of a bunker. My 60 is one of those I dont hit consistently when i try to do a partial swing (i either skull it severely or hit it great), but I can always count on my 50 with partial swings (usually get it within 10 feet) We all have different games and skills with shots. Do what fits you, but maybe limit your uses for certain clubs and dial in that wedge that is easier to hit with your game/swing. If there is room in the bag keep it there. Its like a condom, better to have it and not need it, then to need it one day and not have it.
  7. After 3-4 months of testing about every Driver, Iron, and putter out there...here is what I got about 9 months ago...ALL PXG: DRIVER: 0811XF 9°, Diamana S+ 60g-R Shaft 0211 3W, Aldila NVS Orange NXT 65-R Shaft 0317 4 (22°) and 5 (25°) Hybrids, Aldila NVS Orange Hybrid NXT 85-R shafts 0211 Irons (6-LW), Elevate 95g-Parallel shafts Putter (not pictured), Odyssey 7S with Triple Track, 36in with Oversize grip If you have any questions on feel, distance, lofts, forgiveness, etc...feel free to ask!
  8. Chance of a lifetime. Thanks for the link!
  9. This might be interesting. Name is David, I started playing around 16 with my Dad, my uncles, and my grandfather (RIP). I started with my dad's old set of wooden clubs (Dr, 3w, 5w) and irons, old putter (Dont remember the brand...think they were Macgregor's). Played off and on after joining the Army, but not with any consistency. Really got back into it when I retired 3.5 years ago and moved back home to VA Beach, VA. By then I was playing with a full set I bought about 10 yrs ago (Stratos Knights...still had a 350cc driver). I play at least 3 times a month now with my wife, best friend, and my Dad most times...my brother fills in when we need a 4th. Got my first set of custom fitted clubs 9 months ago. WITB?: PXG 0811XF Driver at 9° with a Diamana shaft PXG 0211 3w with an Aldila NVS Orange shaft PXG 0317 4h and 5h with Aldila NVS shafts PXG 0211 Irons 6-LW with True Temper Elevate 95 shafts And my baby...Odessey Stroke Lab 7 putter with Triple Track! Our home course is Honey Bee Golf Course (Par 70)...we live 3 blocks away from it. Normally score low/mid 90's and recently posted my first sub 90 a few weeks ago! I work from home as a Govt Contractor and Love just gettin out of the house and hanging out with my friends and family and havin a couple beers on a great golf course. If not out there...I am spending time with the kids. The best friend I play with just got into the game a few months ago and loves it...so we have a great time. If your in the VA Beach area, hit us up if you need a couple to play with or a 4th. If I got the time and nothin on the schedule I try to make it. Cheers to all, may your Drives be straight, your irons pure, and your putts in the back of the jar!
  10. That kind of behavior is just unacceptable. I have never been that guy and that kind of stuff always bothered me, and now I have a daughter (8yrs old) and hate those kind of guys even more. Well stated opinion Brother!
  11. Read the article about the website from ESPN. Great stuff! Keep up the good work lads! You are definitely making a difference! Thanks!
  12. PXG 0811XF 9° (lowered to 8°) Mitsubishi Diamana S60 Reg flex shaft PXG 0211 GEN2 3W with NVS Aldila Orange 65g shaft PXG 0317X 4h and 5h (22° and 25°) with NVS Aldila Orange 85g shafts PXG 0211 6-LW with True Temper Elevate 95 shafts Odyssey Stroke Lab S7 with Triple Track putter
  13. One of the callaway staff bags...but the current one for The Open just doesnt look good...I seen Kindergarten finger paintings look better than that jumble of $#!+.
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