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  1. Sounds a little like your low point is too far ahead of the ball for the lag you’re losing by gripping so hard. Do you have a lot of lean too? My angle of attack is generally steep, and I made a switch to the Taylormade mini at 12° and a stiff shaft last fall to see how it would go. I thought it would get the driver back on track but I stuck with it because I can still hit it fairly long but very straight. Fully recommend taking driver out before you leave the house so you aren’t tempted and then see how it goes. Range sessions are one thing, but finding fairway with a minimal loss in distance might show some promise on the scorecard. You can also replace the 3 wood with another fairway finder hybrid or 4/5 wood, or a utility wedge.
  2. My brother chimed in and said that he heard that’s why Tiger eventually went to the mock turtleneck and a slimmer fit. I’m still not bought in. My buddy is a goon.
  3. That first picture is *kind of* convincing. I’ve been sending the thread out to my buddies. The guy convinced of the short sleeve is saying it was early 2000s. Appreciate the replies! I’ll send some tweets out to tigers camp; I’m sure they’ll reply haha
  4. I guess you could ask that about anything. And btw, if no one has told you in a while, you matter too.
  5. I think the rationale was that sleeves were so long back in the late 90s and early 2000s that guys pulled the left one up so it didn’t get caught when taking the club back. There’s an old video where John Daly was playing shirtless and lifting his sleeve was so ingrained that he did the move when he wasnt wearing one. But I agree, just wear a better fitting shirt
  6. My buddies and I have been trying to settle a ridiculous debate for years. One guy swears Tiger used to have his left sleeve tailored so it was shorter than the right sleeve. Everyone thinks he’s an idiot, but I think I vaguely remember some sort of rumor about Tiger’s sleeves. Maybe I’ve been hearing his nonsense for so long that I’m mixing it up with the story about Gretzky having his jersey sewn so it would stay tucked into his pants on one side. Can you guys help settle the debate?
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