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  1. Cleveland is charging $149.99 for a standard chrome Ripcore wedge while the RAW version costs $169.99. Vokey only offers their RAW wedges through their WedgeWorks program. Which costs $199 vs a $159 for the tour chrome finish. Callaway do charge the same for their MD5 wedges at $159.99 Why are companies charging more for the RAW? I remember back in the 90s, I was able to get a Cleveland 588 RTG for the same price as the other finishes. I don't know anything about golf club manufacturing finances, but you would assume the RAW versions would actually cost less to manufacture with less material and labor costs. Is the price simply a reflection of demand from suckers like me who "might" be willing to pay a premium for the RAW version? If that's the case, I no longer want to be a sucker and just go for the standard finishes since there hasn't been any "hard" evidence of improved spin or feel benefits with RAW. Love to hear the justification from people with industry knowledge. Thanks!
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