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  1. It doesn't appear this forum gets much traffic, so hopefully someone can answer my question. Just bought a pre-owned Mavrik Max 21 degree hybrid online. I've slowed down a bit in my 50's, so I'm down to a regular shaft. The club came w/ the above mentioned Project X Catalyst 55 5.0 shaft. I purchased a regular flex, but just it seems much lighter and "loose" when I wiggled it back and forth (in the house, never out in public ). I could not find any information about this shaft. I did see something vaguely that it might be a senior flex...but was unsure if that was the same shaft. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  2. Thanks. I've bought a few clubs off CPO in the past, but it's often hit and miss with their supply. The clubs I want are actually in stock and 40% off. Haven't seen it that good in some time. I may take the dive w/ the added length.
  3. Hello, new to the site. Looking for some thought before I dive into some new hybrids. Not sure this is the right area to post my question. I was fitted for some new Callaway Mavrik's last year at one of their demo days. I love them, my first custom set. I'm always looking for something new, and my hybrids are showing some wear. Callaway is having a pretty good sale on some pre-owned clubs this week and I'm looking to make a purchase. Obviously I can't get custom, as these are rack clubs, but I can add length (if needed). Can I or should I use the added length I received in my irons fitting? I can't get the lie, but just curious about the length. My current hybrids are rack and a stiff shaft which I no longer need (sad). I hit them fairly well. I don't like my local golf shop, I just use them to waste their time by hitting clubs. Their fitting leaves much to be desired, but these are rack clubs for sale so I'm mainly curious about the length. I tried calling Callaway but there was a lengthy wait time. Thoughts? Sorry if this sounds confusing. Thanks
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