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  1. I haven't seen anyone mention this course yet, but I really like Vaaler Creek in Blanco. It is a very fun layout, and it has been in excellent shape all three times I have played it.
  2. Good thread. Yesterday I spent an hour at PGA Superstore with one of these in my hand. I only picked it up to play with it because it looked so crazy. I hadn't heard anything about it before, but I've spent an hour or two (or three, sorry boss) reading about them. My normal putting, I miss almost everything left so I know I constantly pull it, but with this thing I was hitting the hole pretty consistently and it felt like the straightest I've been able to hit putts in forever. Yeah, I know, it was on carpet, but really I walked out of there thinking "how can I scare up the $400 to get me one of those?". Intriguing piece of equipment.
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