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  1. I have read this thread and found it very interesting. As the last commenter said, I found all the comments pretty much spot on. As for playing the courses which is the most expensive part to have, are useless. However, I have found that the range sessions, bag gapping, face contact, club head speed, ball speed, and path information to be spot on. Now the distances as mentioned above are about useless. The wind, course conditions, ball lie, and numerous other factors hurt distance on the actual course. However, it’s nice knowing that if I’m playing and need to hit a 7 iron 210 fly off a perfect lie with no wind it’s totally doable! I do not ever play my 7 iron that distance in real golf though! If only I could I guess! Putting it useless on a simulator, driving work and irons are about like a range session, but don’t trust the distance numbers for course play. The best translation for course would be the short game work on a mat that simulates rough, fairway, and allows you to use sandbags to simulate actual course conditions. Anyway, I do enjoy reading threads like these. Oh, the best way to see numbers closer to actual course conditions is the new Titleist RCT balls. Those balls with selecting a humidity and wind like your local area actually give pretty close numbers. I have invested a large amount in replacing all of my simulator balls with the RCT balls. Additionally, Titleist just added the left dash and AVX balls to the group which helps as those are the two I play. Anyway, I will continue to read this thread thank you all. Merry Christmas all.
  2. I would like to be in if the spots are available!
  3. Sorry for you elbow and the wreck. I would wait until you recover for the fitting the spec check won’t replace the shafts. Other than that they seem to take care of you. I will say if they fit you into something that is completely different than you are usually fit into, then I would find another fitter. That’s what happened to me. I have always been an x-flex guy. Best of luck, and I will say they are pretty clubs that really pop in the bag.
  4. Okay, so I’m that guy that dropped a lot of cash on these clubs to not have them six months later. To begin, honestly part of this was probably on me too as much as the fitter. Let me say that I had just recovered from injuring my ankle. I was rusty to say the least seeing as my fitting was in November. 1.) The irons, I was fit into the 0311P irons with the Dynamic Gold 120g stiff flex shaft. I also had a milled wedge the Zulu and Romeo to wound out the iron set. They were amazing on the fitting day off a mat in a heated bay hitting to an outside range. Long, straight, and stupid forgiving. I had shots that had no business flying straight and 165 doing just that. To say the least the irons were the easiest part of the fitting. The wedges are equally as amazing. Fast forward to spring, I’ve played several rounds with the irons and wedges, but with my swing coming back to form the shaft was a noodle to me. I reshafted all the irons and wedges into the KBS C-Tapers x-flex. It was on my dime, but PXG covered the lie adjustments. Honestly the wedges and irons are as good as any you can play. The reason I left the irons was mostly due to the customer service when I asked for the spec check that comes with the PXG clubs. It doesn’t cover shaft changes. 2.) The driver, well I wanted to love the KaBoom driver so much that I ended up buying and trying 2 different ones. I started with the PXG 0811x Gen 2, on the Fitting day it was smoking my gamer which was the Epic Subzero. It was a good 10-15 yards longer, and straight I hadn’t dispersion that good since my early 20’s. I thought I had stumbled upon Thor’s hammer folks. Well, I eagerly awaited the day the shiny black box showed up. When it did, it was okay off the range, but not the boom stick I remembered! Needless to say I was disappointed. I went back to my local club where my pro had arranged the fitting, and we went back to his track man and the numbers were night and day. He arranged for the fitter to comeback. When he arrived I was told that my swing was the change not the club, and was promptly fit into the new latest and greatest at the time Proto driver the plus version. Again I awaited it with anticipation. In the mean time I traded for a Sim driver. Long story short, the Sim destroyed the Proto on distance, and even accuracy which for me was what I was chasing, was about the same with the two heads. The difference being that I was spinning the Sim less which is what I needed. I even tried determining if this was a shaft issue, and since my Proto came with the Evenflow white, I borrowed one from my local clubs fitting cart snd gave it a whirl. Turns out I found my new boom stick the TM Sim with the Evenflow white. I traded the Proto for a Scotty putter. The skytrak that I have showed I was hitting around 2500 spin on the Sim and about 3200 on the Proto by PXG. All that to say that the driver is PXG’s weakness. 3.) The 0341 fairway woods are legit. First fairway wood I have carried in years. I’m getting older, so now I needed the added distance off the fairway as my driver is leaving me shorter. I need to find Phil’s miracle in a bottle distance with age. I have had several of the fairway woods from PXG in this bag it was the Gen 2 0341x 3 wood and 5 wood I think the fitter gave. I used the 5 wood in the summer and the 3 wood in the winters on longer holes. They lift off the ground with ease, and the turf interaction is nothing short of amazing. I found confidence again with a fairway wood. Just like the irons it was an easy sell. Unlike the driver, the irons and the fairway wood more than exceeded my expectations. Honestly, I traded my 3 wood to a guy who had the Gen 1, 2 wood and a putter I wanted to try. The Gen 1, fairway wood was actually better for me than the Gen 2 stuff. I still own the Gen 1, 2 wood to this day. It is a club I tend to go back to when I get the yippes with my fairway woods. My spin, distance, and dispersion was better with these clubs than even what I currently game. I have been tinkering with the cobra speed zone and a TM mini driver 300 to replace the PXG. However, I have not sold that part of the bag. It is the last man standing from my PxG adventure. 4.) Putter. Well, this one is unique. I had a couple of the putters as well. I bought the bat attack Gen 1 from PXG, and then the Mustang Gen2, both were okay putters. The insert on the Gen 1 putters I could never get used to the soft feel and sound. The Gen 2 putters while better, honestly fell victim to my usual putter the Scotty Tei3 that I’ve games since it was new. I could just never get adjusted to the distance with the PXG putters. I do think that the PXG Gen 2, putters are an improvement from Gen 1, but maybe it was personal preference from putting with the same stick for so long, or a perceived Scotty is better, but I never fell into love with them. I wanted to. I went as far as buying the Gen 2 Operator putter. When this black box showed up, well this is when my wife informed me that me trying to make myself love a company wasn’t worth what I was having to spend to make it work. While I love the idea behind the company, and the way it takes care of the Vets., I just got tired of trying to buy different clubs to make them work for me. The Conclusion, PXG is an amazing iron, wedge, and fairway wood club maker. I would say as long as the fitting is done and you are fresh, it’s the best your money can buy. The driver will look amazing for you at the fitting, but it seems the ones they ship aren’t the same quality as you demo at the fitting. Some guys get ones that are rockets I assume because they work for their swing, or it’s more of quality control at the manufacturing process. The drivers and me were a no go after trying the Gen2, and Proto drivers. I never tried the hybrids. The putter is another area that I would love to be able to give him remarks, but the sound, feel, snd distance control were just off to me. This could be the putter I came from, but it could also be that here again these clubs don’t fit my stroke, ear, and hands. I would try the putter again, but won’t take the plunge on another of the drivers. The fairway woods, I still own one. If you are wondering about the irons well I traded those for a set of Mizzy irons and I’ve been happy with them. Another brand I had never owned. The putters I sold, gifted, traded. Same for the drivers. It’s a great company that support. I still have the company’s extreme darkness tour bag in my man cave/simulator room. It holds my shafts and one PXG 2 wood. These clubs as with every club require the right fitting, but I would say these need a fitting more than most of the big brands to realize the full benefit of the PXG Kaboom Baby! Let me know if you have any questions. I am out of the dog house with the wife after my PXG adventure, but it cost me a Louis Purse because after she totaled up my adventure, we agreed she needed to be pampered too! Thanks for Reading Shawn
  5. Currently my bag is Mizuno 921 Hot Metal Pro irons 4-PW, Taylormade Sim 2, 8 degree driver, Cobra Speedzone 15 degree fairway wood, Taylormade Hi Toe MG2 grind 60, TM 56 MG2, Cleveland Full Face RTX 52, and a Scotty Tei3 Newport putter. I have the 300 mini driver I’m testing that looks to be taking the cobra out of the bag so far. I’m interested in the T300 irons by Titleist after the reviews I’ve read.
  6. I wanted the Ping G425 to win a spot in my bag. It was close, but the Sim 2 was what my fitting showed me was the best for my game. It’s funny I was reading the comments, and I noticed a lot of folks found that the Sim Max we right biased, and that was what my fitting showed me. I will be honest the reason the Sim 2 won out was because it was offered in an 8 degree head. The Sim was a little longer, spun less, and honestly with the shaft they dialed in my only miss was power fade to a cut. I will say that I personally feel the reason the Sim won was because the fitter truly worked the head and shaft combos until he got it dialed in. With the Ping demo day fitting, I seemed more like a number and they rushed the process. I assume it was because my numbers were bad, but the results were not what I mentioned looking for when we started the fitting. In the end I went with the Sim 2 8 degree head with the Fujikura Pro 2.0 tour spec in the 6.5, playing at 45”, and I rarely miss a fairway with that setup. I will admit it’s not the longest shaft and head combo that tried when searching for a new boom stick, but it was the longest with the best dispersion that I liked the feel and look of. I am currently debating trying the new TSI metals as my buddy who has always been a loyal Taylormade guy can’t stop raving about them. I’ve never really had any allegiance to a brand, but I play what works for me. I wanted to love the PXG stuff, and I will say their irons and wedges I loved, but their drivers were another story. Ping has always been my go driver since the G20 days, but their last few offerings couldn’t beat our the Callaway Epic, or the Sim 2, and even the PXG Proto was in my bag for a bit. I wouldn’t worry about the press, or reviews on the clubs. Try it if you love it, and it works for you then roll with it. The reason their are so many different equipment companies is because all of our swings are different, crap my swing is different from day to day. Like my profile pic that was a day where I couldn’t find the fairway off the tee (consequently the last day the PxG Proto was in the bag too,) sideways and the face shows the distress I was having. Yet I still had fun, and enjoyed the game. I try different things club and shaft wise just to see if something else is what the reviews and too I guys in the forum say. Sometimes I’m like this thing is on fire, and others I wonder what kind of smoke they were inhaling from the fire. I like to tinker with my equipment and game just to see if I can find any extra from my equipment or swing. Enjoy the 425, it’s a great club, and as long as it works for you who cares about the press.
  7. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I’ve been golfing since I was about 10, so about 30 years. I took break after I was banged up in the military. Just started back about 9 years ago. Pre-injury I was a scratch guy, these days post TBI, I play about 12-15. What do you love about golf? It’s fun. After my accident it’s the only sport I can still some what play. Let’s you release have a good time, and relax. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I found myself reading all the reviews on here, and decided that I would join up basically. I don’t know anyone on here. Where are you from? What is your home course?Alabama, my course is Gunterslanding. If you are ever in the Huntsville area you should really try it out. It’s a fun challenging little track. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? The heat in mid summer is the worse. The best is we play golf year around, and honestly we are blessed with many great golf courses in my area. What do you do for a living? I was an instructor. How’d you pick your user name? Just one I use.
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